January 2010

Poets, Papers and Post

Some hae meat and canna eat, And some wad eat that want it; But we hae meat, and we can eat, Sae let the Lord be thankit. (The Selkirk Grace, Robert Burns) And so the week started with the traditional celebration of the life of Robert Burns, slap up suppers all round. Although as Burns […]

Top sport blogs

Here are the top five sport blogs, as determined by Scottish bloggers and blog readers. For information on the voting process, visit the Scotblogs Awards 2010 page. View the winners in other categories announced so far. 5. The Scottish Football Blog 4. Inside Left 2=. More Than Mind Games 2=. Left Back in the Changing […]

Top Liberal Democrat blogs

Continuing the series of Scotblogs Awards categories, here are the top five Liberal Democrat blogs. For information on the voting process, visit the Scotblogs Awards 2010 page. View the winners in other categories announced so far. 5. Alter Ego… 4. Andrew Reeves’ Running Blog 3. What Oor Willie Did Next 2. Stephen’s Linlithgow Journal 1. […]

Top photography blogs

This category contains blogs that heavily feature original photography. 5. Sea kayaking with 4. The Green Isle of the Great Deep 3. Slugs on the Refrigerator 2. Scotland in the Gloaming 1. Last Year’s Girl

Top SNP / pro-independence blogs

Supporters of independence are well represented in the blogosphere, and the Scotblogs awards are no exception. This category contains blogs that focus on support of the SNP or Scottish independence. 10. Bella Caledonia 9. Calum Cashley 8. The Universality of Cheese 7. Ian Hamilton QC 5=. Subrosa 5=. Indygal Goes to Holyrood 4. Lallands Peat […]

Top culture blogs

The culture category contains blogs with a central focus on culture, books, entertainment, food and craft. The category excludes music blogs. There were enough of them to merit their own category. These blogs will be celebrated on Monday. I know it’s a bit of an odd category, but I thought it was worth creating it […]

Top politicians’ blogs

The first category to be announced in the Scotblogs Awards is blogs by politicians. This includes bloggers who are currently Parliamentarians or Councillors, and PPCs who aspire to be. 10. Councillor Andrew Burns’ Really Bad Blog 9. Councillor Paul Johnston 8. David Fagan 7. Cllr Debra Storr 6. Eric Joyce MP 5. What Oor Willie […]

Scotblogs awards categories

There is not long left now! With less than a day to vote now, don’t delay — cast it now. The poll will close at 8pm on Wednesday. Here are the individual categories in which blogs will be awarded: Overall Newcomer Conservative / Libertarian Culture / Entertainment (excluding music) Hyperlocal Journalist / Mainstream media Labour […]

The Scotblogs awards panellists

I have been remiss in failing to announce the final panel before now. Here are the fifteen bloggers and tweeters who will make up the panel, whose votes combined will be worth 50% of the tally. Colin Campbell Lis Ferla Stephen Glenn Lily Greenan Armin Grewe Yousuf Hamid Malcolm Harvey Holyrood Patter Philip Hunt James […]