Haiti, football, music and politics

This week’s round up has to mention the awful situation in Haiti first, although as Jess the Dog states, not many bloggers have covered the disaster in detail.  Stephen Glenn has covered the events with what the papers are saying and the need for clean water.

If you have not been able to donate yet, please do so, even a small amount can make a difference!

So, here we are another week, another round-up.  Slightly ironic for me this week as my little blog has not had much of my time at all this year, apparently there is an election coming…..however, there have been loads of nominations, here I try to cover as many as possible, apologies I can’t do them all, they have made some great reading though.

Anyway, over at a place to stand Neil explains how our household gas and electricity bills are expected to rocket fourfold to nearly £5,000 a year by the end of the decade to meet Government-imposed green targets.

Over at the Scottish football blog the Mother of Parliaments took time off from discussing the lack of salt and blaming each other for the weather to discuss a return for the Scotland v England football fixtures.  Personally, as a long time Chelsea fan, I’m just happy we are still above Manchester United.

A fantastic piece from Iain Martin who is Deputy Editor of the Wall Street Journal Europe on why the Welsh Conservatives are much better than Annabel Goldie and the Scottish Conservatives.

Oliver, at Ramblings of a Student talks about the stop and search powers of the Terrorism Act 2000, S44 and how on Tuesday 12 January 2010 the European Court of Human Rights ruled that s.44 was unlawful, this is the stop and search powers I blogged about when used against photographers and Stephen tells us of Mikey the 8 year old terror suspect.

Moving away from politics and into the gardens, Shirl’s Gardenwatch tells us of a hardy wallflower that has survived four weeks of snow and temperatures of minus 12C to flower this week.

Now onto a wee round up of some different blogs Peenko has a keen music theme while smashing mirrors covers photography, there really are some great photos, scroll through, have a look and Taexalia talks about wildlife.  

Back to politics – phew – that was a relief, how did I manage for so long.  Caron tells us about Nick Clegg on the Andrew Marr show while Jeff, over at SNP Tactical Voting writes about the missing Labour candidates and Subrosa comments on the deluded Gordon Brown.

As on my last round up, I am going to highlight Scottish Councillors who keep in touch via blogs, so this time I start with Cameron Rose, a Conservative Councillor here in Edinburgh and Councillor Terry Kelly, a Labour Councillor from Renfrewshire.

So that’s your lot for this week. Next week, Duncan Stephen enters the hotseat and as always, you can send in your suggestions via the thingummybob on the right, with a message to scottishroundup@gmail.com, or with a tweet to @ScottishRoundup.


  1. Very interested to read that Iain Martin’s article about Goldie and the Scottish Tories was such a fantastic bit of journalism. Wouldn’t be because it was what you wanted to hear rather than what is actually happening? I thought it was in fact a very poorly sourced bit of journalism, but as a Scottish Tory, I would say that wouldn’t I? But maybe, I also thought it was poorly sourced because it doesn’t reflect the grass roots operation up here right now. Too many holes in it to go into on here. But disappointed at the way you described and flagged it up. I thought this round up was about Scottish news that might resonate rather than petty party politics.

  2. “As on my last round up, I am going to highlight Scottish Councillors who keep in touch via blogs, so this time I start with Cameron Rose, a Conservative Councillor here in Edinburgh and Councillor Terry Kelly, a Labour Councillor from Renfrewshire.”

    Would you link to BNP councillors blogs? Then why link to an antisemitic thug like Kelly?