Scotblogs awards categories

There is not long left now! With less than a day to vote now, don’t delay — cast it now. The poll will close at 8pm on Wednesday.

Here are the individual categories in which blogs will be awarded:

  • Overall
  • Newcomer
  • Conservative / Libertarian
  • Culture / Entertainment (excluding music)
  • Hyperlocal
  • Journalist / Mainstream media
  • Labour
  • Lib Dem
  • Music
  • Nature / Environment / Green
  • Non-political / personal
  • Photography
  • Political
  • Politician (including PPCs)
  • Science / Technology
  • SNP / Pro-independence
  • Sport

I know that some of these categories push together some groups that may not necessarily fit snugly. But in an attempt to represent the wide spectrum of blogs, while avoiding lists of just three blogs per category in some instances, I have had to make a few compromises.

43 blogs will count as ‘newcomers’, ie. blogs that were set up in 2009.


  1. I considered an education category, but unfortunately there were only three blogs that I thought would fit into that category, which I don’t think is enough to justify it.