Top culture blogs

Scotblogs Awards - Top 5 culture blog

The culture category contains blogs with a central focus on culture, books, entertainment, food and craft. The category excludes music blogs. There were enough of them to merit their own category. These blogs will be celebrated on Monday.

I know it’s a bit of an odd category, but I thought it was worth creating it in order to highlight a broader range of blogs.


  1. As with every category, and as explained at the outset of the process, the overall (and consequently the category) rankings are determined by the average position of two rankings — one is a readers’ poll, and the other is a poll of fifteen judges.

  2. Thank you kindly to the readers/judging panel for placing me in a Top 5 with some truly wonderful blogs! I certainly wouldn’t want my blog to be confined to just one genre so “culture” definitely sits nicely with me. Bravo!