January 2010

Accolades aplenty

It’s an exciting week here at Scottish Roundup. You have only a few days left to get your votes in for the Scotblogs Awards. This time next week the first few winners will have been announced. Keep an eye here all week for updates on categories and how the voting is going. Incidentally, as I […]

Haiti, football, music and politics

This week’s round up has to mention the awful situation in Haiti first, although as Jess the Dog states, not many bloggers have covered the disaster in detail.  Stephen Glenn has covered the events with what the papers are saying and the need for clean water. If you have not been able to donate yet, please […]

Scotblogs awards: It’s time to vote!

Hi everyone. It is time to move on to the next phase of the Scotblogs awards, and it’s the juicy bit: the voting phase. An amazing 142 blogs were put forward, and there are bound to be blogs that you have not yet heard of. I have put together a page which provides a link […]

Scotblogs awards: Last call for nominations!

Don’t forget that the deadline for nominations for the Scotblogs Awards is at 6pm on Wednesday 13 January. So if you have been meaning to nominate some blogs and have been putting it off, don’t delay! So far, 104 blogs have been nominated — but it would be great to have even more to include […]

There’s No Business Like Snow Business

Hi folks! Is it just me, or is the thought of -3 being described as ‘tropical’ beginning to grate a little? Never mind, the appalling weather has brought out some excellent blogging, so it’s good for something. Bill Cameron brings us the view from Nairn, while Stephen is one of a number of bloggers to […]

Happy New Year

Welcome to the first Roundup of 2010, traditionally a time for reflection on the year gone by, predictions for the year to come and a huge amount of good humoured festive fun. Before we look at these, though, I should, unusually, draw your attention to an earlier post on this site introducing the Scotblogs Awards. […]