That was the week that was ….

Well here goes my first attempt at compiling the round-up and what a week to end up covering. It started with the resignation of Steven Purcell, first as leader of Glasgow City Council and ended up with his resignation as a councillor.  In between we’ve had the decision to exclude the SNP and other parties of government from the so-called Leaders Debate, Gordon Brown at the Chilcot Enquiry, the death of Michael Foot,  controversy surrounding Tory donations by Michael Ashcroft, and finally the Lib Dems Scottish conference.   So apologies in advance if it’s too political but with all this happening, it’s practically impossible to escape politics this week.

Glasgow City Council

I’m a bit wary of commenting on the Steven Purcell issue – after all most of Scotland’s papers seemed too wary to fully investigate the issue.  However, with the Sundays now covering the story in varying levels of detail I’ll highlight just a few of the comments.  Initially a lot of bloggers followed the same line as Iain Hamilton expressing their sympathy for someone who is clearly ill, however rumours kept surfacing on various blogs regarding the nature of the illness as highlighted by Rock’s Blog Spot and  with Tory Bear being less than subtle. The week is rounded off by SNP Tactical Voting who gives a brief summary of the Sunday papers and their take on the Purcell issue.

The Leader’s Debate

The announcement that the BBC, ITV and Sky are to only have the leaders of the three main unionist parties on their Leaders Debates has caused an outcry across the blog world.  North to Leith complains about the exclusion of the SNP,  Joan McAlpine highlights ten Scottish issues you won’t hear on the debates,  Bella Caledonia presents the case for ‘no television without representation’ complaining of the sanitisation of political debate while Two Doctors warns the SNP about their response to being excluded from the debates.

However, despite admitting to being a political junkie, Mr Eugenides isn’t getting too excited about the prospect of the debate.

Chilcot and Brown

In the same week that Gordon Brown appeared before the Chilcot Enquiry,  Subrosa reports on more deaths of British soldiers in Afghanistan.  Craig Murray expresses no surprise that Blair kept Brown out of the loop,  Blogo Wogo highlights Brown never answered the questions people wanted answered and Conservative Home blog unsurprisingly accuses Brown of evading the real questions and contradicting other witnesses.   Meanwhile Moridura contrasts Brown’s (in)actions over Iraq with Robin Cook’s actions.

Michael Foot

Most bloggers from across the political spectrum provide a general appreciation of the former Labour leader including Hythlodaeus who describes his death as a great loss to the socialist tradition in Britain,  Tom Harris states the oft reported comment that Foot was unlucky to lead the Labour party when it was un-leadable, meanwhile SNP Tactical Voting contrasts the politics of Foot leading from the front with the ‘shadowy’ nature of Michael Ashcrofts donations to the Tories.

And Finally,

Lib Dem Scottish Conference

Andrewrunning blog provides an insiders view of the Lib Dem conference  while Carons-musings provides some more detail on Lib Dems policy positions.    Apart from a few twitter comments about paying back illegal donations, there has been little mention of the Lib Dems from other political viewpoints.

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