The More Things Change….Time to Adjust Your Clocks.

Editing the Scottish Roundup is a first for me but I can’t help thinking there is a whiff of nostalgia and deja-vu in the air as I look through the news headlines and how the Scottish blogosphere interprets it in its own inimitable and diverse way.

It’s the run up to an election, Labour are grimly hanging on to power, and transport strikes threaten travel chaos.Although spring may be officially here today, it feels at times as if we should set our clocks back to 1978…..

That does seem an awful long time ago and takes me back to when I was 18. Andy G isn’t quite my vintage but as a mature student he found it amusing and I think quite flattering to be asked for his ID to prove his age.

Two stories regarding prominent Scottish political women have featured heavily in this weeks deliberations. All Media Scotland give the facts and Lallands Peat Worrier gives his insight into the case of former MSP Frances Curran and her failed defamation action against the Daily Record. The story has its roots in the 2006 defamation action brought by Tommy Sheridan against News International in which he described his erstwhile colleagues in the SSP in less than flattering terms. LPW questions the wisdom of men and women bringing defamation actions and would prefer even more freedom of speech.

One wonders if another female politico, namely Anne Moffat, the Labour MP in East Lothian is perhaps proof of the old adage that politicians simultaneously speak out of both sides of their mouths (and sometimes elsewhere!) Jamie Livingstone reports on the MP’s battle to avoid de-selection by her constituency party, whilst at the same time negotiating a pay off and reported £30,000 per year pension from Parliament on the grounds of ill health.
However Jamie at the The Gallus Glaswegian provides proof that there is still idealistic enthusiasm in some corners of the party.

The perennial issue of rising fuel costs through higher duty as outlined in this week’s budget and its implications for island living is reported at Hebridean News Today

The Vinyl Villain obligingly continues the nostalgia theme by reporting on his trip in 1984 to see the Style Council and how he found himself alone and cold with no money in Amsterdam in the early hours of the morning.Still on music and nostalgia Clinically Fed Up uses an old logo and the 70’s campaign of “Home Taping is Killing Music” to illustrate the issues involved in digital file sharing. The wonderfully named Aye Tunes reports on the demise of Findo Gask who seem to have followed Aberfeldy as naming their band after a Perthshire town.

Back to the politics and retrospectivity (is that a word?) Michael Greenwell would like to see confidential papers released by government immediately rather than waiting 20 or 30 years. SNP Tactical Voting reports that two more former ministers have been drawn into the lobbygate issue and that this story has a bit still to run. Subrosa is in election mode and highlights the News of the World’s declaration of support for David Cameron – hardly a surprise but she has an alternative name for the paper.

David Fagan gives a North Lanarkshire councillor’s view of a meeting on the thorny issue of school closures.

Mr Eugenides crystallises the subject of the Roman Catholic Church and sexual abuse, in his own concise fashion and elicits several comments as one would expect. He also features a story about those rascally brothers Peter and Christopher Hitchens and how they have made peace despite their wildly conflicting views on religion.

Kenny MacAulay meanwhile gives us an insight into the sharp end of his job as an Episcopal priest in the run up to Palm Sunday next week.

Finally two ladies who are moving forward with varying degrees of certainty. Missy M gives an almost Luddite view on mobile phones in General and iPhones in particular in her familiar style. Jade Dickinson meanwhile can barely conceal her excitement at moving to her new house which leads me out of my simultaneous wander through the blogosphere and memory lane.

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