May 2010

David Laws, Eurovision, Peers and stuff

It’s been a busy week in Politics, both Scottish and Westminster and I am sat writing this while watching Scotland play Argentina in the Edinburgh 7s which took place this weekend at Murrayfield, which is where I have in fact spent most of my weekend. So let’s kick off this weeks roundup in the North East, specifically in Union […]

Adapting to coalition government

Hello and welcome to this week’s roundup! Attention is gradually turning away from politics and ahead to an “ice cream summer”. I can certainly tell you that on a scorching 25 degree Saturday afternoon / evening, there is definitely no better way to spend my time than sitting in front of a computer in a […]

Scotland considers the beginning of Liberal Conservatism

It is my honour to be doing the Scottish roundup the first full week after the era of ‘new politics’ and the first full week of the Conservative/Lib Dem coalition. Ok, so Scotland didn’t see a single seat change hands since the 2005 election but we’ll gloss over that for fear of missing out on gazing […]

Indecision Time

Hi folks! We may well have been expecting a Hung Parliament for some time, and the Scottish blogosphere went through all this three years ago, but let’s face it, we were always going to go into overdrive, weren’t we? Anyway. Big Rab had a few observations on the big day, and on results night, FlyingRodent, […]

All Over Bar The Counting: The General Election Special

Hi folks! As announced last night, here’s a bonus Roundup (aren’t we good to you?) summing up the final days of campaign bloggery. There’s nothing more that can be done or said: all that’s left now are the results, and their aftermath. Starting with Labour, Tom Harris offers us his final thoughts, and also puts […]

The final stretch

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s roundup! The general election is reaching its climax this week. Many will be breathing a sigh of relief, although I sense that the real interest will be found in what happens after the polls close on Thursday. However, it has been a fascinating week with the final of […]