All Over Bar The Counting: The General Election Special

Hi folks! As announced last night, here’s a bonus Roundup (aren’t we good to you?) summing up the final days of campaign bloggery. There’s nothing more that can be done or said: all that’s left now are the results, and their aftermath.

Starting with Labour, Tom Harris offers us his final thoughts, and also puts himself in the frame as the director of Labour’s next party political broadcasts. They’d be worth watching if he did them.

Yousuf charts the role Glasgow has played in the history of the Labour Party.

However, BellgroveBelle and Anne McLaughlin MSP look at some of Labour’s campaign material in the city and aren’t overly impressed. Allan doesn’t particularly like what he sees from them in neighbouring Renfrewshire either.

Mr. Eugenides casts his eye over Labour calls for tactical voting, while Steven wonders how Labour can square the use of the word ‘future’ with constant references to the past.

Meanwhile, Jess the Dog hails this as a day of change from Labour, while Paul Pearson looks at the Labour candidate who tore into Gordon Brown this week. With allies like those…

Cllr Cameron Rose explains why he is a Conservative, while Fitaloon endorses his local Tory candidate.

Stuart asks if the key question for this election revolves around David Cameron’s ability to bring about change. Alex Massie argues that Cameronism (is he worthy of an ‘-ism’ yet?) appears to stop at the Tweed.

I suppose in that context, maybe this Tory poster, flagged up by Andrew Reeves, which depicts the UK but omits the Western and Northern Isles, isn’t bad. It’s still pretty embarrassing when the message is “We’re all in this together”, though.

BellgroveBelle and Holyrood Patter both endorse the SNP, with BellgroveBelle also reporting on Tusday night’s ‘Ask Alex’ event.

Stephen Glenn sums up the LibDem position, with an obvious focus on Linlithgow and East Falkirk, where he’s been on the ballot paper.

Allan is backing the LibDems this time, but Joan McAlpine clearly isn’t.

The Shoogly Peg hopes for a Hung Parliament, while Subrosa is of the view that none of the parties deserve her vote.

Jeff discusses a blogpost he wishes he hadn’t published about postal votes – and the unfortunate consequences it’s had for him. Caron looks both at that and the possibility that the Tory candidate in Livingston has broken the Data Protection Act.

Neil Craig looks at campaign activity (or perhaps, lack of it) in Glasgow, while The Shoogly Peg gets exasperated at everyone’s claim to being part of a ‘two-horse race’.

James reviews the last Scottish Leaders’ Debate, and Stuart focuses on the speakers’ answers to the expenses questions thrown at them during Sunday night’s proceedings.

Tom Harris gives us a transcript of a slightly surreal canvassing phone call.

Angus Nicolson sums up the candidates’ positions in Na h-Eileanan an Iar, while Philosophical Zombie looks at the overall campaigns.

Alan Trench assesses the ‘devolution literacy’ of the parties’ manifestoes.

Paul, James and Malc give us their reflections on casting their vote.

Lallands Peat Worrier gives us his version of the Charge of the Light Brigade.

Allan looks forward to tonight’s proceedings, while Dave isn’t sure where to get his coverage from. Why, from Joan McAlpine on BBC Scotland, of course!

Crystal Ball time: Boxthejack, Julie and Bright Green Scotland all take a look at the result and its aftermath will be.

Jeff takes the view that if David Cameron walks into Downing Street, his opponents should show grace in defeat.

Mr. Eugenides looks at what will come next for Labour, and is amused at what he sees.

Mark reminds us that there’s also been a Council By-Election in Glasgow today, to replace Steven Purcell.

Former LibDem candidate Kelvin Holdsworth has his thoughts on the election, and compares attitudes involved in politics with those involved in the Church.

Returning Scot looks at the mood of the nation, and reflects on attitudes to equality in Norway.

Caron has warm recollections of polling days past.

Finally, Ellen asked her kids what they thought of the election.

And that’s it: I’m aware that besides myself, Holyrood Patter, Malc and Subrosa will be liveblogging. If you’re doing the same, drop us a line in the Comments section, but that’s it for this Special Roundup – I’ll be back on Sunday with the weekly edition, and as always, you can nominate posts for that by filling in the thingummydoowop on the right, or by sending us an e-mail to We’re also on Twitter @ScottishRoundup. Bye-de-bye!


  1. It’s been an interesting few months of election build up, it somehow feels like a bit of an anti-climax now though. Lots of great link here to work through, lots of opinions too.

  2. I’m surrounded by foreigners from many nations here, all glued to the news to see what on earth is happenign in the UK…they are FASCINATED by events in Britain, and amazed at the apparent charm, dignity and wit of all our’leaders’ in the run up to the government actually being formed. One thing’s for sure…you could never say this was a boring election…we don’t really do those in Britain.I guess that’s why everyone else is so interested!