June 2010

An editorial group is being formed

Well after mulling over the options for a couple of weeks, it seems as though the option that is most likely to work is some kind of group effort. Many people volunteered to help, but few wanted to do so full time. So the next step is… er, to decide what the next step is. […]

Budget blues and diverse distractions

Thank you for the huge amount of nominations this week on so many different subjects. The main political event of the week was, of course, George Osborne’s budget with its eye watering tax rises and spending cuts. Stephen sees Lib Dem fairness in there. Greener Leith rounds up locals’ tweets on the Chancellor’s speech. Tom […]

The future of Scottish Roundup: suggestions required

First off, if there is going to be a roundup this Sunday we need to find an editor. So if you’re up for it, give me an email at Thanks to everyone who has responded to last week’s appeal for some extra help on Scottish Roundup. A few different perspectives have been put forward. […]

“a wee bit of culture”

Thanks to Duncan for taking a chance on the new guy to edit this week’s Roundup. With no experience and little instruction, I tuned to Wikipedia for advice. It said that editing “is a practice that includes creative skills, human relations, and a precise set of methods”. Ah well, I should have checked before I […]

Handing over the reins

I have decided to take a sabbatical from Scottish Roundup. Since setting it up almost four years ago, I don’t think there has been a week where I haven’t been trying to gather nominations, arrange the rota of guest editors or actually produce the roundup itself. But I have much less spare time on my […]

Anyone But England Roundup

Hi everyone and welcome to this week’s roundup. I’m afraid no Scottish blogs qualified this week, so instead we are having to resort to an Anyone But England roundup. Not really. But the World Cup has been the major talking point among bloggers this week, and we begin with a couple of perspectives on the […]

50% New Blogs or Your Money Back!

This week I have made it my mission to make at least fifty percent of the featured posts in the Roundup to be from Scottish bloggers who haven’t been featured here before. Thanks to everyone that answered my call out on Twitter this week. I’ve tried to include the best ones. If yours isn’t included […]