Anyone But England Roundup

Hi everyone and welcome to this week’s roundup. I’m afraid no Scottish blogs qualified this week, so instead we are having to resort to an Anyone But England roundup.

Not really. But the World Cup has been the major talking point among bloggers this week, and we begin with a couple of perspectives on the “Anyone But England” phenomenon.

In one camp, we have this post from Dear Scotland, which was featured in last week’s roundup. Then there is this from Clinically Fed Up. Both are firmly in the “Anyone But England” camp.

Is There a Plan B? responds to both of those posts:

This isn’t about football, or not really. I appreciate that anyone has a right to support whomever they like, and actually I don’t give a monkeys about the football. In fact, there’s a part of me that agrees with pretty much everything Mrs W and Billy Williamson say so well. To be honest I don’t really want England to win either. Can you imagine how unbearable it’d be to have to live with the knowledge of Sir Ashley Cole and Sir Wayne Rooney for the next thirty years?.

But the fact remains that this attitude seems to me to be the acceptable face of an anti-English feeling that in some cases goes deeper than just football.

Because you don’t choose who to support. You feel it.

From a similar perspective, Ellen Arnison adds this:

Ok, you can see how it might be a bit galling that your neighbour is having Christmas and you’re not getting any presents. You probably won’t even get turkey. However, it’s not the festive neighbour’s fault and neither are they munching mince pies to spite you. So really it would be exceptionally churlish to set traps to stop Father Christmas emptying his sack – blocking the chimney, poisoning the reindeer and sabotaging the sleigh are not going to stop him for long.

The grown up thing is to take it on the chin. Santa’s not coming, he doesn’t care about us. We didn’t get into the World Cup, we weren’t good enough. The neighbours have invited us to the party though, wouldn’t it be gracious to accept and, even, join in a little. You never, know it might be fun.

But Flying Rodent writes “in defence of the Scottish cretin”:

I have to explain that our behaviour is not entirely unprovoked. If I wanted to illustrate the Scottish football fan’s relationship with our English pals, I’d point to the following incident, which took place on the day of the play-off draw for the 2000 European Championships, pairing England and Scotland in a head-to-head fight for the one available place…

Read on to find out about the incident.

Following the draw between the USA and England yesterday, we’ll have to wait before we see whether ABE can claim victory.

With a separate take on the World Cup, Gary Sutherland looks back on his memories of previous World Cups.

A brief look at other topics now. Cartside is preparing for life as a mother of two. Lisa Gordon Scott longs to visit the Jura Lodge. And Neil Craig looks again at the cost of the proposed new Forth Road Bridge.

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