Handing over the reins

I have decided to take a sabbatical from Scottish Roundup. Since setting it up almost four years ago, I don’t think there has been a week where I haven’t been trying to gather nominations, arrange the rota of guest editors or actually produce the roundup itself.

But I have much less spare time on my hands than I used to, and I find it increasingly difficult to find time to do it. Also, I have realised that I don’t love blogs as much as I used to, and can’t cheerlead in the way I was able to in the early days.

However, I don’t think it would be right to just pull the plug on Scottish Roundup. So if anyone is interested in taking over the running of Scottish Roundup, please get in contact with me! Alternatively, if anyone could work out a good way of spreading the workload among a group of people, that could be a workable solution too.

If I think someone can continue to push Scottish Roundup forward in the right direction, we can make it happen. Just now I think that it is stagnating and I can’t do the Scottish blogosphere justice anymore.

Email me: scottishroundup@gmail.com.


  1. I would like to be part of a team but could not do it myself. A team of people taking turns I think is the only workable solution.

  2. I wonder if we could get a group together who could take it on a month at a time or something like that, on a rota basis. I’d be happy to be part of that.

  3. I’m brand new to the Roundup, very new to Scotland, and pretty new still to blogging…. but with those caveats, I’d be delighted to help as part of a team, or on a rota basis as Caron suggests.

  4. Me too. I’d be v happy to take a shot at it but can’t commit to the whole hog. Perhaps it would only take a caretaker to draw up the rota and then it’s whoever’s on’s responsibility to sort it out that week. There must exist in the wonderful cyberworld some wiki/shared thing to help this happen. Anyone?

  5. Same here, happy to help out as part of a team. I’ve only discovered the Roundup two weeks ago so wouldn’t claim to have a good idea of all Scottish blogs around, just the ones I know already. Keen to learn and discover new ones though!

  6. Thanks for all the offers everyone. I agree that taking it on full time is a big task. But I am wary of going for a team approach again, because that’s precisely what we tried two years ago. It fizzled out quite quickly and it became clear that without someone always there to remind whoever was supposed to be doing the roundup that it was their turn, some people would forget, or there wouldn’t be enough nominations and the quality would decrease.

    There is an argument that the tools I tried to use at the time weren’t up to the job. I have been looking at some Google tools – Google Docs might be a good way to share ideas and nominations.

    I think if we can get more volunteers on board, it might be a goer. Someone could take four weeks at a time, which could include doing one roundup, and finding three guests, and organising the rota, looking for suggestions and nominations all the time.

    What does everyone else think?

  7. I think that’s a good idea – so you get to be a caretaker for a month and then be responsible for passing on to another caretaker. It could also be the job of that caretaker to find someone to take on another month at the end of the filled up rota. That way the content would evolve.

  8. I think it’s worth a try, also it could be done less frequently. It would need one or two people heading it up though and taking control of the rota and reminders.

    I like the idea of Ellen A to have each caretaker find the next one, although I still think you need someone overall to keep check and remind everyone.

  9. I am very reluctant to go with the ‘baton’ idea, because as Jade says it would need close oversight, because otherwise it would be open to manipulation and could easily end up just being done by a small clique.

    It looks like some kind of group approach is the way forward, but the group also needs to have a good mix of people too.

  10. I remember over a year ago, on Twitter, you asked me if I’d be interested in doing a ‘turn’ and I replied, if I remember, I would be delighted as long as you thought my contribution would be positive.

    I never heard another word, even though I’ve been mentioned many times since. I did continue for some time to nominate blogs though.

    It’s women who appear to be willing to give it a go. Good for them. It would possibly work and I won’t go into the reasons why. They should be obvious.