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Thanks to Duncan for taking a chance on the new guy to edit this week’s Roundup.

With no experience and little instruction, I tuned to Wikipedia for advice. It said that editing “is a practice that includes creative skills, human relations, and a precise set of methods”. Ah well, I should have checked before I volunteered…..

This week in the Scottish blogosphere we’ve had politics, shopping, get-togethers and ‘a wee bit of culture’.

Our ‘wee bit of culture’ provoked a raft of responses on Frank McAveety’s actions at the Scottish Parliament’s Petitions committee this week. To be fair to Frank Mc most of the responses I could find online were, if not sympathetic, definitely not damning. Mr Eugenides was uncharacteristically charitable, while Caron places the Labour MSP’s actions in a wider context. Will Patterson’s response, in sorrow rather than anger, placed the episode in the wider context of the challenge faced by the Scottish Labour Party over the next year. Stuart blames Sandra White. After getting such an easy ride from the blogosphere, it took me 25 minutes of searching to find someone who really sticks the boot into this misguided misogyny online.

So a big round of applause for this week’s feminist idol, Calum Cashley.

Elsewhere in politics, SNP Tactical Voting thoughtfully assesses the challenges that the SNP faces for next year’s Scottish Parliament elections, and poses the question: whether Alex Salmond? James Kelly is still a fan.  Yousuf Hamid’s post last weekend on the perils of fiscal autonomy under the SNP Government prompted Joan McAlpine to put the case for more powers for Holyrood as a means to a fairer Scotland. With the UK government still to bring forward their full proposals for new powers for Scotland, this issue has some way to run.

This week I’ve been mostly obsessing about the World Cup, as have many of you. (For the full authentic World Cup experience while reading this week’s Roundup, you should first click here.)

Rob at Left Back in the Changing Room addresses the big question of the World Cup so far: Why has the TV coverage been so dreadful? and references the outstanding article on the issue by Tom English in this week’s Scotsman on the same subject.

Closer to home, the superb Alex Massie and the Scottish Football Blog both take issue with James Macintyre in the New Statesman whose calls for a end to the English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish football teams seems to have united an otherwise disparate range of football and political bloggers in opposition.

Back in the real world, kind of, I had a great night on Thursday at the Media140 conference at the CCA in Glasgow. I liked Pat Kane’s point on the growth of those of us with ‘extimacy problems’ –when you have problems not sharing. I thought that would be a good phrase to use to an audience of bloggers 🙂 Pat’s posted his thoughts and notes on social media on his blog, which also has edited highlights of his excellent talk.

The latest in a series of interesting events in the real world which I can’t go to because I already have plans for that day is the ScotGovCamp scheduled for 31st July. I’ll have a drink for you in Berlin folks!

Last, but by no means least, here’s the first in an irregular series of themed sections, catchily entitled:

Other Stuff That John Likes

“These streets will make you feel brand new, the pubs will inspire you! Let’s hear it for Leith Walk, Leith Walk.”

Joan McAlpine goes shopping

Some pictures of poppies

Scotland in the gloaming, the magical time before sunrise or after sunset

Johanna Basford’s Fringe Typeface

So that’s all from me.

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