Sunday Selection

Let’s give a big welcome to bonny Alexander Joseph Wright (pictured) who entered the world on 3rd July. His proud parents are Mr and Mrs Bellgrove Belle and I’m delighted all is well with Mum and baby. Well done Belle!
Blogging from deepest Duns is a veteran of too many military campaigns to mention. This week John gives his view of the current situation in Afghanistan and I certainly don’t know anyone who would disagree with him. Macheath, all the way from Peachum’s Tavern, tackles the SNP’s complaint that military career officers are visiting schools. Help ma Boab, what’s the country coming to?
Demetrius provides us with an insightful essay and ponders on two new words he suggests could describe today’s shifting group of people who have taken control from all of us. Two possible words could be Plundercrats or Lootocrats and he explains why he’s plumbed for the former. He’s correct though, these people do need a label. We’ve all been given one. I used to be known as a middle-income earner and now I’m referred to as part of the ‘ageing population’, as if we’re all dried up corpses doing nothing but waiting for our organs to finally bite the dust.
Speaking of corpses, Moridura discusses Megrhai, BP and The Special Relationship. As is oft his wont, he provides us with a revealing video from Channel 4 news. It accompanies his post so well. Alex Massie also scribes on the same issue while Scunnert Nation has a brief must-watch video on the subject of The Special Relationship or perhaps it should be entitled the Not-So-Special Relationship.
The Icelanders have issued an international arrest warrant for a banking Plundercrat, namely the chairman of the failed Kaupthing Bank. My regular readers will know I have a personal interest in how this man has destroyed the lives of thousands of British taxpayers. Dark Lochnagar would appreciate your input regarding our complacent attitude towards bankers.
Caledonian Comment is visiting the Open Golf at St Andrews this week, but before he left Englandshire for his brief visit home, he gave a warning to former UK diplomat Carne Ross. I would take Jim’s advice Mr Ross. Taking a tip from Munguin’s Republic, now to be known as Scotland’s health tipster, may not be enough.
The real ‘distraction’ is the argument against Scottish self-government‘ write James who undertakes a splendid fisk of Neil O’Brien’s Telegraph article. He’s very gentle with Mr O’Brien in my opinion but the sting is in the tail. Andrew informs us that the police are probing David Mundell’s election expenses complaint and Mr Mundell took the urgent action of reporting himself to the Electoral Commission. That’s him cleared then.
Did you know that somewhere in darkest Aberdeen a 50-year-old smoker and drinker is working away doing his utmost to discover a cure for many life threatening gut disorders? You do now. Leg Iron is usually my last read before bedtime as we seem to keep similar hours and I’ve fallen asleep many times chuckling about his exploits or suffered insomnia due to the exacting arguments he puts forward in relation to medical matters. As well as being a scientist, this blogger is also an author. I’ve downloaded his book onto this computer but I’m going to have a go at putting it on my iPad. He’ll be hearing from me.
Stewart Cowan has been most courageous this week. How many of us would back-chat our doctor? I think it’s time we all queried unnecessary questions, don’t you?
Have you ever wondered how your road/street came to be named? Ms Sophia Pangloss, a Scots writer of repute who blogs from her beloved Leith, recalls the naming of Davie Street in Embra. Sherry-soaked or not, Sophia’s memories make essential reading. So much so that I must have a wee drive down Davie Street next time I’m visiting the Capital.
While I’m in Edinburgh, we all know the Scotsman is losing readers. Why haven’t they employed Conan the Librarian? His satirical talent is exceptional and this week’s Hootsmon Headlines is no exception. Auch well, it’s the Hootsmon’s loss especially as Conan lives on their doorstep so to speak.
Another Scottish blogger has decided he’s utterly scunnered with politics and in particular politicians. I do hope Jim continues, even spasmodically, because every opinion is valuable.
To conclude, there’s a saying ‘if music be the food of life play on’ and if you’d like to know the ins and outs of the Scottish music scene then the daily dose may be the place for you.
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  1. Hello Subrosa,

    If only it were bravery! I have reached the point where I’m fed up being messed around by those whose wages I pay and are therefore meant to serve me and not the State and its quangos and fake charities.