August 2010

The World Turns

There are some great posts this week from the blogosphere of Scotland. Thanks to all who got in touch with their nominations. Bellacaledonia wants a debate on Scottish independence and says the time is right for the discussion. A Burdz Eye View takes the opportunity of the news that Jack McConnell is leaving politics […]

Back to School and Sad Goodbyes

News and Politics This week in Scotland sees the first anniversary of the release of the convicted Lockerbie bomber, Al Megrahi on compassionate grounds. Predictably the UK media have jumped on this date and well, the fact that he lives on. But are Scots bloggers doing the same? It seems the media coverage of the […]

A blogging mix: Hiroshima, doorsteps, chickens and hitchhiking

News and Political Five years ago Torcuil Crichton at Whitehall 2012 visited Japan to hear the stories of the Hibakusha; the survivors of the Hiroshima atom bomb, these stories are recounted in his recent post:  “Most of us only read history but Sunao Tsuboi, he is testimony. As a 20-year-old student, Tsuboi stood little more […]

Scottish Roundup – step a little bit outside the comfort zone

Welcome to this week’s Scottish Roundup. I’ve been left in charge for the first time and I do feel rather like a teenager whose parents have left them ‘on trust’, the urge to plunder the drinks cabinet is almost uncontrollable. However, I can probably postpone the rampage long enough to share a peep into the […]

A blogging tour through Scotland

Well it’s my first time here at the Scottish Roundup, I was feeling rather relaxed about it until I started reading articles on some of the nominated blogs, articles relating to both spelling and grammar, with Mike Ritchie noting: “There is so much available to read as social media continues to expand but, unfortunately, a […]