A blogging tour through Scotland

Well it’s my first time here at the Scottish Roundup, I was feeling rather relaxed about it until I started reading articles on some of the nominated blogs, articles relating to both spelling and grammar, with Mike Ritchie noting:

“There is so much available to read as social media continues to expand but, unfortunately, a lot of it is riddled and marred by bad spelling and poor grammar. To me, rightly or otherwise, such factors indicate a sloppiness and a questionable attitude to detail.”

Then there’s Ellen Arnison at In a Bun Dance who recently noticed a spelling mistake in the London Aquarium, I’m sure to be under scrutiny!

This roundup will be a tour heading from the South to the North of Scotland focusing on what’s going on around Scotland at this point in the summer.

In Ayrshire, Socrates MacSporran discusses the upcoming London Olympics and the relevance of ‘team GB’ to “a small far away country of which we know little” (a title we may have previously been referred to as).

Sandy Stevenson provides us with many photos of Scotland, old and new, on Tour Scotland Photographs, from a statue of a dwarf near Peebles, to a crannog in Loch Tay.

On the Paisley Blog Brian McGuire discusses the problems Scottish holiday makers have as they miss their local food and drink: “A survey of passengers at Glasgow Airport has also revealed that Irn Bru and square sausage are the items holidaymakers miss the most.” Thankfully plans are in place to ensure they can get what they’ve been missing, before they even leave the airport.

Scotchpotch has an interesting poll currently, asking, “Should we pulverise The Proclaimers and make Leith (the place that spawned them) into a landfill site for Edinburgh?” The current result is very close so ensure to get your vote in!

The Edinburgh Festival posts have started to appear throughout the blogosphere, with the Arts Extravaganza already underway in the city and not long until the Fringe starts. The Edinburgh Spotlight is previewing some of the opportunities available to you, including dining 100ft in the air above Princes Street Gardens.

Throughout the country, university students are destined to be part of Coca Cola’s recent marketing campaign with new vending machines described on Revolver blog which may bring ‘happiness to all’!

Secret Scotland highlights one of the risks of being a tourist in Scotland – the midge – which he claims “It looks as if the Scottish midge has its roots in Glasgow, and taken after the example of the city’s legendary ‘hard’ men”.

Over at Other Aberdeen we get some pointers on the etymology of Mounthoolie, the name of a large roundabout in Aberdeen, a roundabout which has been designated by Aberdeen City Council as an ‘Urban Green Space’. “It’s ours, all ours to enjoy whenever we want to. But how is it possible to enjoy a roundabout?” Well you’ll have to visit Other Aberdeen to find out.

My Nairn recommends a trip to the Highland Aviation Museum, where there’s been a recent addition of a Nimrod that reached the museum by road. There are not many museums left where you can actually clamber into the exhibits.

Wendy from a Wee Bit of Cooking shares a great shot (as usual) from a road trip to Ullapool. Then we head to Caithness, where Not Delia visits the Caithness Smokehouse; the most northerly UK mainland smokehouse for our most northerly blog link of this roundup. Not Delia informs us that “[the smokehouse owner] is willing to smoke pretty much any foodstuffs his customers care to bring him”.

Now if you feel you’ve not had quite enough links to keep you going all week, Biogal at Panoptifier has provided you with a list of interesting links, from Bromosexuals to Juanita W. Goggins. If you’d like a quick extra laugh The Big Dollop can provide you with the kind of antics which you may expect more from the Duke of Edinburgh than the Prince of Wales.

That’s a small selection of what’s going on in Scotland, with quite a few new blogs in the mix. Please submit your nominations by using the form on the right of the Scottish Roundup site or by email to scottishroundup@gmail.com or by tweeting @ScottishRoundup.

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