A blogging mix: Hiroshima, doorsteps, chickens and hitchhiking

News and Political

Five years ago Torcuil Crichton at Whitehall 2012 visited Japan to hear the stories of the Hibakusha; the survivors of the Hiroshima atom bomb, these stories are recounted in his recent post:  “Most of us only read history but Sunao Tsuboi, he is testimony. As a 20-year-old student, Tsuboi stood little more than 600 metres from the centre of the blast: the original ground zero.”

Mark Gallagher notes the ongoing Hiroshima commemorative events.

Love and Garbage look at the Lockerbie Release a Year on and recount some of their recent comments to the Guardian website:  “I have sat as a Scots lawyer, increasingly bemused by the series of theories argued in the media. The following is not a criticism of Mr White, but draws elements of a general misunderstanding of the legal position present throughout the London based media. Perhaps if the London media spoke to some Scottish lawyers (or read their commentaries) rather than asking English practitioners to comment on Scottish legal matters the media might be better informed”

SNP Tactical Voting looks at a recent Holyrood poll: “It seems like a long time since the last one but a decent poll has been released from TNS-BRMB via The Herald.”

Health and Exercise

Belinda at Freedom to Choose has covered a number of NHS issues this week, including the cost to bring in enforcement officers to ensure the smoking ban is upheld at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee and the NHS Fife’s annual review meeting. Belinda put into perspective the cost of the enforcement officers when there are so many other issues in the NHS: “Isn’t abuse of staff vastly more objectionable than smoking in a doorway out of the rain?”

John at Morhamburn also blogs about the NHS, looking at whether NHS Scotland can take the proposed job cuts: ‘Either the NHS is big enough in Scotland to be able to pare away at it for the next few years without affecting patient care; or it is its very size that allows the NHS to deal with so many sick people, and to deal with them properly.”

Mark at Morhamburn discusses the Scottish Government’s alcohol summit and how much the alcohol problem is costing Scotland: “It cannot be argued that there is no alcohol problem in Scotland.  It was reported earlier this year that alcohol misuse cost Scotland £3.56 billion each year or £900 for every adult.”

Tim Carmondy at kotte.org has an interesting article looking at why athletes are different from you and me.


Our homes are important to us; Taexailia contemplate the purpose of her own doorstep and the power struggle which can occur there: “My doorstep is for welcoming friends and family, accepting parcel deliveries, having a coffee in the morning sunshine, pondering my plan for a butterfly and bee garden. It is not a place where strange men should feel it is their right to disturb me, patronise me, try to manipulate me and lie to me.”

If you need some interior inspiration, such as a new sofa, head over to Yeah…Ok…Bye for a very nice Chesterfield sofa or any of her other great interior finds.

Food & Drink

For starters Wendy at A Wee Bit of Cooking comments on how great the tomatoes have been this year and gives us a simple recipe for tomato and basil soup – one of my favourites. Then Is there a Plan B looks at the difference between a couple of supermarket chickens – are you particular about the type of chicken you buy?

Do you remember getting your bottle of milk in nursery or primary school? Ellen Arnison reminisces about school milk and looks at its future: “It took me back for a moment. To a classroom, the smell of Copydex, a pair of nobbly tights under sandal buckles and what happened when I rubbed my thumb on the silver top of the milk bottle.”


Finally there’s Missy M’s hitchhiking confession and Mark Frauenfelder highlights a memo from the 1970s from an oil company owner, who has no time for pleasantries.


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