Back to School and Sad Goodbyes

News and Politics

This week in Scotland sees the first anniversary of the release of the convicted Lockerbie bomber, Al Megrahi on compassionate grounds. Predictably the UK media have jumped on this date and well, the fact that he lives on. But are Scots bloggers doing the same? It seems the media coverage of the anniversary is getting our goat more than anything.  SNP Tactical Voting takes exception to the London Evening Standards coverage. And the Lallands Peat Worrier analyses public opinion. Forget about complaining about Al Megrahi being sent home, Rolled up Trousers calls for a new inquiry into the bombing itself.

In party political news, we’re all wondering if Charles Kennedy is about to defect. Gordon MacMillan at Hurry Up Harry has the latest insider info.

I wonder what was the last straw for Kennedy?  Surely the council housing announcement this week won’t have sat well with a lot of Lib Dems. The news that there may no longer be a council house for life has also caught Demitrius’s attention

And Caron looks at the coalition’s latest bombshell about taking benefits away from those addicted to drugs

Malc in the Burgh marks the first 100 days of the Tory/Lib Dem coalition

Subrosa looks at why for thousands of soldiers the Iraq troops withdrawal is a long drawn out process with an end even further in sight.


Sadly two great Scots  died this week, poet Edwin Morgan and writer and activist Jimmy Reid. Here are some blogger tributes to them:

Go lassie Go on Edwin Morgan

Quotables put together some Edwin Morgan quotes to commemorate Edwin Morgan’s life

And if you’re a Gaelic speaker you can read this commemoration on BBC Gaelic Blog

Joan McAlpine tells us about Jimmy Reid’s funeral.

Bella Caledonia talks about Jimmy’s life as a Scottish socialist

And Gallus Glaswegian feels the loss of “the greatest MP we never had”.

Families and Friends

Hopeman Man finds a photo of his dad and brothers that brings back memories and prompts him to think about his dad and grabbing a moment in time.

Phil’s Phrase a Day continues with other gems from his daughter. Do you remember getting this involved in a book?

Talking of books, writer Nicola Morgan continues to give authors and wannabe authors tips on writing that bestseller. This week she considers what gets readers turning pages.

And of course this was the week that most Scottish kids went back to school. My son, Indy, went to the “big school” and it got me wondering why I was so nervous for him- could it have been memories of my first day?

And Big Rab’s girl trotted off to secondary as well, and this got him thinking about whether school days really are the best of your life. I defy anyone over the age of 35 to not recognise some of these school day memories.

On the subject of Ellen is thinking along the same lines  and is still upset about the removal of school milk by Mrs T .

Sadly one of Aberdeen’s best live music venues has sadly closed down. Here is a eulogy to Moshulu from someone posting on Aberzine who has a host of great memories of the place. Me? I’m still upset about the Venue closing down in 1988.

Design, Photography and Art

I thought it was about time we started to look at the expanding world of microblogging on Blipfoto. There are some great little photo blogs out there by an army of Blippers. Here are some that caught my attention this week for Scots Blippers:

Meeester M and the story of the Turra Coo

In keeping with the Back to School theme here’s DaisyGlaisy take on the first day back.

BeefyLorelei has possibly the coolest garden ornament I’ve ever seen

Rising early for a shift at the hospital Dr Ben shares his morning view when most of us are still in bed.

It’s a Dobb’s Life snaps one of Aberdeen’s hothouses of talent, Captain Tom’s studios and rehearsal rooms.

Moving away from Blipfoto, on the design front  Plan B thinks about the design of her home, Yeah Okay Bye looks at the architectural drawings of Laura Barnard and a new blog from a jewellery maker who used to be an electrician in His Majesty’s  Theatre. How did Hamespun get here from there?

Monty Python spoke the truth when they sang…“Finland, Finalnd, Finland. The place where I’d quite like to be “  A wee bit of cooking goes to Finland. No cooking though, she was presumably enjoying Finnish food, which is world reknown (anyone who’s ever been to Finland is laughing right now)  Her photoblog is here

And finally on the culture front, Scots Whayhae previews the Edinburgh Book Festival.

Something for Everyone

Mr Farty looks at the miracle properties of water and has a fight with science experts who dispute his methods

Mike Ritchie’s PR blog talks about dealing with a client who admits to knowing nothing about their public image.

Scot goes Pop talks about this decade’s Gold Blend type advertising saga: The BT ads . Bring back Maureen Lipman’s Beattie, I say.

And another ad makes Real Street think about pride and Islam.

ShopaHolly gives us a top ten of her favourite meals. And knowing her, they’ll be thrifty too.

And this bizarre story just in Bogey man volunteers at soup kitchen. He says he wants to give something back. Bless him.

And if you’ve not got enough of football in a summer full of it then head over to Scotzine for a fix and read their fan’s account of the Athens v Dundee United game .

Oh and finally folks,  it’s that old chestnut . Indeed I was a victim to it myself at London Fields Lido the other week along with countless others visiting our English cousins this summer. It’s the curse of the Scottish banknote. Absolvitor- gives us the facts before we make false assertions!

Can I have a Jerry Springer Final thought moment? Indulge me. Every time  my blog is featured on the round up I get loads of new visitors, which is great. But does anyone ever comment on any of the new blogs they visit? Do us a favour, if you read any or all of the posts in this week’s or any weeks roundup- say hello, leave a comment. And keep the nominations coming in for next week.

If anyone wants to edit next week’s roundup let me know, as I am Roundup Mighty Overlord for the next few weeks.

Cheers Scots bloggers and readers!

Misssy M


  1. Thank you so much for including me! Some great articles in there and I’d really love to get into Blipping (is that what you call it?) if I didn’t feel it’d take over my life!