The World Turns

There are some great posts this week from the blogosphere of Scotland. Thanks to all who got in touch with their nominations.

Bellacaledonia wants a debate on Scottish independence and says the time is right for the discussion.

A Burdz Eye View takes the opportunity of the news that Jack McConnell is leaving politics to reassess his legacy.

Lena the Hyena blogs about some people’s vitriol towards Kenny McAskill over the Lockerbie bomber release.

Philosophical Zombie talks about the spirit level debate and asks, why can’t we be more like Singapore?

Alex Massie reviews Alistair Beaton’s Caledonia. at the Edinburgh Festival and says “There’s a great play to be written about Darien. This isn’t it.”

Whilst Ellen goes for the more lowbrow end of the cultural scale and makes no apology for it. Her (and her family) review the first episode of this year’s X Factor and she has trouble knowing how to talk to her postie on her own blog:

The Absurdists tries out the sports pages to see what all the fuss is about:

A sad tale of sartorial disaster from me, Misssy M, this week:

Yeah Okay bye is on a blog marathon this week. I’m not going to pick any one post in particular because they all pretty much want to make you take a sledgehammer to your house and start rebuilding it. Choose your own favourite.

Claire O’Gallagher on the BBC learning Scotland has memories of Edwin Morgan visiting her school. He did a lot of that- my own sister met him at secondary school and I was taken on a school trip to the theatre where he read his poems to schoolchildren. A great Scot.

And now to what I’m hoping to become a regular feature- Blipfoto blog posts. This week the Blipfoto “Life Turns” Video was premiered at the Edinburgh Festival. Did your photo make it in. Watch it here.

And this week Blip highlights are here:

Meeester Feature on The Mither Tap

Daisyglaisy meets some strange characters in Oldmeldrum’s new square:

Alive and Kicking is up early with the dew

This’ll make us feel better about the rain, David Lewis is blipping in Canada

Snapping Aboot has some new additions to his family

There were some great nominations this week but not a lot to choose from, so we need more of you to be nominating or putting yourself forward. If you want to be included you can nominate your own stuff, you know- it’s OK to blow your own bassoon. Just email us or send us a message on twitter. Follow us @ScottishRoundup on twitter. Email us at


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my blog, The Absurdist, on ScottishRoundup. Great resource, have already found some great blogs which will be favourites from now on.