The Future of Scottish Round Up

The Scottish Roundup has two aims; to give Scottish bloggers a platform and to showcase the best of Scottish blogging every week.  Like its cousin The British Blog Roundup we want to show our readers the diversity of blogs out there in Scotland.

However, we need your help. In short we need blog readers and blog writers to start getting more involved. Here’s what we think the roundup needs:

1.       A wee bit of showing off: We need everyone to stop being so shy about nominating their own posts. If you think you’ve written a good post, then tell us about it. Nominate yourself- no-one will think you are up yourself! We strive to include anyone nominated (unless their posts are offensive). So do it- put your posts forward, no one need know you did it yourself. We won’t tell!

2.       Variety: Never think that something isn’t up our street. We want the Roundup to be diverse. Scottish Roundup had a tendency to include a lot of political posts but this is changing. We only draw the line at pornography and offensiveness. Everything else is our bag- so nominate it! We like art, photography (incl Blipfoto- we think that’s blogging), food and drink. Poetry, music, fiction, sports, science, technology, news, ecology, fashion, personal blogs, film reviews – everything. We want it all, as long as it’s :

  • Written by anyone in Scotland OR
  • Written by a Scot living anywhere in the world
  • About anything relating to Scotland

3.       Editors: We need more volunteers to help edit the Roundup. We have a core team of volunteers who administrate the site but we like our editors to be different every week so that each roundup is decided by a range of people. We are not a clique, we don’t know each other in real life and we’re not snotty or scary. All we’d need you to do is email us and say something like “Hi, I’d like to edit the roundup one week, I am a fully functioning member of society and I promise not to use the F word too much” and then we’ll get back in touch and tell you how to go about it. You don’t even need to be a blogger. You can just be a gentle reader. And you can edit the Roundup as many times as you want- no pressure.

4.       Feedback: we’d like it. Start telling us what you’d like. Do we post the round up too often? Do you want more arts stuff, more sports stuff, more stuff from ex-pat Scots? What did you like about past roundups? What did you not like? Do you want to get more involved? Could be doing anything to make Roundup better?

5.       Link love: We’d really like it if everyone mentioned in the roundup each week pimped us out a little bit. That way you will all get more readers and maybe Scottish Roundup will grow and people like Andrew Marr might shut his face about how unimportant bloggers are! Retweet our links, facebook them, tell your friends, link to us on your blog- anything. if we all fly the flag then being included in the Roundup might become an even greater thing as the site grows.

There are heaps of ways you can get in touch with us. You can use that little form on the right hand side, you can Retweet us/follow us @ScottishRoundup, you can email us at or you can leave a comment in the comments box. We’d also be grateful that if you’ve ever been included in the Roundup if you let us know your views and pass on the link to this post. We’ll be following up on all suggestions and letting you know how the feedback has gone.

So, any thoughts?

Misssy M (Gillian Martin)

On behalf of the Scottish Roundup Team


  1. Personally, I’d love to see more personal/parent bloggers on the round ups. It all seems to be based on political conversations, and while that *is* really interesting, it’s not really my thing, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks that!

  2. I’m still finding my way round here too but would welcome more Scottish History and Scottish environmental issues alone. History seems overwhelmed by that lot down south

  3. I enjoy the Round-up for the range of comments, topics and styles it covers. My own blog – – has been mentioned, too, so that’s been pleasing.

    I’d be happy to compile and edit a round-up at some stage as I agree it’s difficult and time-consuming to expect the same people to do it all the time.

    Different people bring different perspectives and flavours to keep the Round-up lively and interesting.

    If you give me adequate notice, and work/family commitments don’t clash, I’ll gladly help out.

    Your point about people nominating themselves is crucial in all this – I think this will help those editing the Round-up immensely. It’s not self glory or anything like that but a sensible way to attract, possibly, readers and, of course, if the Round-up editor has a selection of material directed to him or her, then the process is more streamlined.

    Hope it all works well.