Coalition cuts make our blogposts overfloweth

Be gentle, dear reader, for this is my first round up and I apologise in advance if it’s pants.  I’m not good at following rules so will only have myself to blame for your ire, given that I cherrypicked my way through the nominations and just don’t really do whimsical.

But hey, we weren’t exactly in whimsical mood this week.  Boy did we want Osborne and co to feel our anger and it translated into some fantastic posts.  Not for we Scots bloggers the obvious path of retreading the cuts announcements but lots of quirky, off piste angles and thoughtful analysis.  Made me proud to be among youse.

Bella Caledonia set the tone wondering if Scotland will find its mettle and reject “the shock in the shock doctrine”.  Bright Green fired off its anger for doomed youth with a post analysing the impact of cuts on future generations and Caron’s Musings asked “who will speak up for the poor now” in a post that considered the good and the bad in the measures announced.

The Ben Lomond Free Press discussed the consequences of the cuts for his area and for micro businesses like his, while the Misssy M Misssives provided a fantastic family sized microcosm of the economic challenges facing us all. Freedom-2-Choose Scotland explored ASH Scotland’s plea to be insulated from the cuts.  Suitably Despairing highlighted the potentially catastrophic impact of just one of the Spending Review’s many measures, but Craig Murray took a different view of “the Left’s irrational addiction to high public spending”.

Scotland Unspun (also published by Newsnet Scotland) detailed how Britain’s sterling crisis is distorting Scottish GDP – warning: this excellent post needs a clear head to do it justice!  But there is hope: Shopaholly showed that there is an alternative by living smaller and learning to love saving.

The Liberal Democrats’ culpability for the cuts came under close scrunity from Scotland’s bloggers, with Michael Moore in particular getting a bit of a doing from Go Lassie Go.  And Another Thing ruminated over the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats’ failure to keep their manifesto promises while Scot Goes Pop! wondered “at what point do they (Lib Dem members) say ‘up with this we will not put’?  Elsewhere, the Will Patterson notebook analysed the ups and downs of the Scottish Green vote since 1999.  And Gerry Hassan lamented the lack of big ideas to create a bigger Scotland; fortunately, he posits a few top class ones of his own.

The defence review and the HMS Astute incident also provided fertile blogging ground.  Malc at Better Nation pondered the impact of the RAF base closure on the small town of Kinloss. Sub Rosa highlighted the alarming but also very funny case of the sub that ran into Skye while Set in Darkness – Life considered it a disaster, though “thankfully not a nuclear incident”.

Some of the myriad Nationalist bloggers explored Alex Salmond’s speech to the SNP’s annual conference, including Munguin’s Republic and Lallands Peat Worrier, who,in a separate post considered if the young Salmond deserved the epithet of “infant Robespierre”.  The new SNP campaign choon prompted Sean McP’s Blogfeast to travel through a lifetime of “working together” for the SNP

All things womanly featured in a number of posts.  The meaning and relevance of feminism was expertly dissected by an extremely articulate teenager in the Higher Plane Diaries, while Change your thoughts, change your life made the case for female entrepreneurs being better than male ones. Kirsty Logan wrote an open letter to drunk dudes in bars and The Absurdist mused poignantly on being a year older and why she’ll never regret another birthday.

Reconstruction of Scottish football is on the menu again – Jim Spence considered the pros and cons while Dear Scotland applied Chinese numerology to SPL reorganisation and concluded that “turd + polish = turd”.  But there’s more to sport than football, as eloquently demonstrated by Skip Cottage Curling who recounted a bizarre criminal scandal to hit Canadian curling and the Drum Up which featured a series of posts on Graeme Obree, a greatest living Scot if ever there was one.

Another greatest living Scot, Dame Evelyn Glennie, inspired Beyond the Dragon’s Breath’s wonderful poem.  A particularly riveting and enthralling jaunt through Edinburgh from Shootin fae the Shin took us from the Abbotsford Arms to Barefit Park, with a shocking murder along the way.

As usual, Scotland’s wondrous natural resources inspired bloggers and photograhers alike. In a bundance celebrated the delights of Mull, Islay Natural History Trust posted a fantastic photo of the common buzzard, the novelty of snow in October was framed perfectly by Beefy Lorelei and Martin Third captured this amazing cloud formation over Linlithgow.

Some more photies to delight you – this of the Lewis Chessmen currently on display in Aberdeen (from daisyglaisy), Ben’s View of a well stocked gantry (it might be the nearest some of us get to malt whisky for some time) and eh, this spotted in the Meadows in Edinburgh by MVP Photographs.  A gorilla busking.  And if that wasn’t surreal enough for you, try Balloon man gets on a bus, captured by Adelaide Green Porridge.

On the music front, Aye Tunes promoted Edinburgh Popfest this weekend:  the line up certainly whetted my whistle, and tickets are still available for Sunday;  Amy McDonald was captured on stage in Aberdeen by Day of the Tripods ; Song, by Toad challenged his own prejudices against exclusives and remixes and Peenko provided a damn fine smattering of Friday freebies.  Have fun at dinner went record shopping with Neil Pennycook from Meursault who revealed he just wants to get on stage with his top off…

The soap opera that is the Tommy Sheridan court case continued, with Absolvitor posting this very funny summary and the Sheridan Trial giving a blow by blow account of each session.  There will be more lurid stuff laid bare (no pun intended), I’m sure.  But no Love and Garbage this week due to illness and work overload – get well and come back soon, we miss you!

One final round of wonderful posts for you, from parents of children with support needs, highlighting the injustices they face daily and the maelstrom of emotions they endure.  As I marched yesterday against the cuts and for a better way, it was families like these who were at the forefront of my mind.  If any group deserves protection from the coalition’s cuts and a better way from decision makers and service providers, it’s them. But no pity required, thank you.

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  1. Thanks fer the shout Burdz, when ye said ye didnae dae whimsical ah thocht ‘weel that’s me oot then!’ an yet there ah wis. But, er, ah wis at the Guildford Arms, nae the Abbotsford Arms. Cheers onyroads!

  2. I’m honoured to be included in this weeks round up and proud to be Scottish and a part of the blogging world. We marched too! Keep up the great work. Much love.