November 2010

Clinging to November…

In a “stunning” last minute substitution – as I believe folk on the football field say – I’ve been drafted in to replace Mike Ritchie and triumphantly boot this week’s Scottish Roundup into the back of the net. Fear not, there is no red or yellow card – Mike is simply hamstrung by the Tyrant, […]

It’ll all be over by Christmas?

This is my second stint at the Scottish Roundup. The last occasion was in March, but it does prove that if those in control like you can’t think of anyone else – they invite you back! The heading here of course relates to the rather optimistic view of some with relation to the outbreak of […]

Speak up and speak out

In a week when we all stopped for two minutes to remember those who fought for freedom, bloggers across Scotland are finding it’s as important as ever for their voices to be heard. Scotland for the Senses commemorates Rememberance day with a look at the Black Watch Memorial while Love and Garbage shares her particularly poignant memories of […]

Scottish Roundup is the Sunday papers

How do you go at the Sunday papers? Sports first, the crossword, your favourite columnist or do you dive straight in with the gravitas and politics (not, obviously, the same thing)? I start low and work up – red top tabloids, pretty pictures in the shiny supplements to hard news via travel. I think I’ll […]