Scottish Roundup is the Sunday papers

How do you go at the Sunday papers? Sports first, the crossword, your favourite columnist or do you dive straight in with the gravitas and politics (not, obviously, the same thing)?
I start low and work up – red top tabloids, pretty pictures in the shiny supplements to hard news via travel. I think I’ll do the round-up in a similar vein.

Andrew Reeves thinks it’s time Ann Widdicombe hung up her dancing shoes and made a dignified exit from Strictly. If you don’t know what he’s on about, you should probably skip forward a bit.
Julie Scrumptious rustles up a death-row dinner for her vegetarian chums.
Yeah.. Ok.. Bye has happened magpie-like on some beautiful jewellery and Rmontalban celebrates an exceedingly moody-looking Bonfire night.
Edubuzz illustrates the desperate measure she resorted to to get her children to read.. and other entertaining pictures.
And Mike Ritchie ponders the relative merits or otherwise of size.

An autism fundraiser this week urged a ‘communications shutdown’ to highlight the condition. It brought forth blog.
Soft Thistle and Oh Mammy applauded the sentiment but questioned the method.
Meanwhile, a nomination has come arrived for a short story by an 11-year-old boy with Asperger’s. Disclosure: he’s my boy and lives at Bundance Palace too. Still a work of genius though.

The other side of a story and the way in which the media cast its light inspired a few bloggers this week.
Greener Leith asks hard questions about a biomass consultation.
Lena The Hyena is worried about plans for Craibstone Estate.
And Go Lassie Go raises concerns about the different treatment of Margaret Jaconelli in her battle with Glasgow City Council and the Aberdeenshire residents whose homes are threatened by Donald Trump.
A Place To Stand discusses alarmism and the Scientific American.

Love and Garbage raises a smile from that most irritating and London-centric of phenomena.
While Freedom and Whisky looks at our postcode lottery.

Land Matters is bothered by the future of farming subsidies in Scotland.
Misssy M reports of a scatological outrage near her that may be a misguided attempt at fertilisation.

Lallands Peat Worrier has a fascinating tale of police cunning and undress. It contains the phrase “corpse-lit carnal revelries”. Very funny too.
Absolvitor discusses bringing back the belt… or not.
The Lockerbie Case looks at the Scottish Government’s moves to introduce emergency legislation.

At this stage in the Sunday papers it’s almost certainly time for some more coffee.
Burdz Eye View turns her beady gaze to Iain Gray and declares his conference speech a triumph.
Caron’s Musings take a ranty turn when Vince Cable sends her an email. “We need stuff that we can really use. What we’re getting is like sending us out to do battle with a sharpened banana.”

View From The Stalls had a spooky night on a tall ship watching Curse of the Demeter.
The new Burke and Hare movie got two bloggers to the cinema – not together though. Gibberish had to report that it smelled of “ham and piss” and Reel Scotland was even less flattering.
Poetry moved several souls this week. Blogfeast was revisiting Wilfred Owen. The Scottish Poetry Library’s podcast this week futures Andrew Greig.
If that’s all a wee bit high-brow over the bacon rolls, Thumbcast has a zombie-related romp with the new Walking Dead series and French film Le Horde.

Left Back In The Changing Room talks about SPL reform.

There, now if you’re quick there’s still time to go to church/listen to the Archers/wash the car/write a blog post. Thanks for your attention.


  1. Thanks for the mention. A great way to do the Round Up – I have started at the bottom with sport, then politics, then the supplements! How will you read yours?

  2. Thank you for the mention and your comment on my page! I’d just better point out that I’m guineapigmum and can’t lay claim to the whole of Edubuzz, which is the blogging platform that East Lothian Council runs for its schools. I believe I’m stil the only parent blogging regularly (or irregularly at the moment)on the Edubuzz site but the are scores of school, teacher, pupil and council staff blogs there to be read.

  3. Like the approach this week very much – and thanks for the latest mention, too.

    I’m doing the round-up in a few weeks so a lot to live up to.