Speak up and speak out

In a week when we all stopped for two minutes to remember those who fought for freedom, bloggers across Scotland are finding it’s as important as ever for their voices to be heard.

Scotland for the Senses commemorates Rememberance day with a look at the Black Watch Memorial while Love and Garbage shares her particularly poignant memories of November 11th.

This week also saw students take to the streets in London to protest against a rise in tuition fees. Though not in Scotland, we still had lots to say about it. Planet Politics asks “does progressive mean aggressive?” and the demonstration at Millbank Towers encouraged Land Matters to find out who the Conservatives are paying their rent to.

Thursday was the day that Paul Chambers lost his appeal after being arrested for posting a joke on Twitter. Bloggers and tweeters worldwide are up in arms and Missy M asks us to think about what it would be like if everything we tweeted were taken literally. Likewise Alex Massie at The Spectator talks about the epic injustice of the whole fiasco and as a Scot working abroad, Mark Shields worries that the powers that be no longer understand the world we live in. Elsewhere Real Street delves deeper into the matter, also commenting on Conservative coucillor Gareth Compton’s arrest for his tweet calling for a Muslim journalist to be stoned.

In politics this week, Bright Green encourages you to use your voice to ask Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander to stop consorting with tax avoiders and Devolution Matters writes about the Public Bodies bill and getting legislation seriously wrong.  After attending Positively Independent last week Bella Caledionia shares a round up of the event focussing on women and Scottish politics. Over at Fair Votes Edinburgh the subject this week is The Alternative Vote and their post runs us through the process and points out that it’s not as complicated as the powers that be would have us believe.

Elsewhere Burdz Eye View advocates for those whose voices aren’t heard; the thousands of Scottish children whose lives are affected by the damage alcohol does to their families and Words to Good Effect delves into the etymology of diamonds and the wonderous wording used to describe them.

The boys at Scheidt’s Footballing Miscellany are using their voices to branch out from blogging and bring you their brand new podcast while Malcolm Fraser shares his unique form of writing over at Weekly Inspiration.

Both Underdogs Bite Upwards and Freedom-2-Choose use their voices to speak out against the proposed smoking ban in cars  and finally Mark Gorman doesn’t like being told what to do. He shares a video from his recent trip to California to show us exactly why.

Thanks, as always, for nominations. Now it’s time to get trawling the internet and use your voice to nominate your favourite posts for next week’s round up.


  1. Thanks for the mention here, although our piece (Freedom to Choose (Scotland)) is more a swipe at ASH Scotland who are proposing a public consultation about a ban that they say they don’t believe is necessary. We really don’t need to spend money on idle consultations. Interesting round-up though.

  2. Many thanks for the mention! If you read my post, make sure you scroll down to read about – and find out how you can help – Stone Paper, the charity (founded by Olivia Giles) that supports amputees and other disabled people in Malawi and Zambia.

    Am going to enjoy browsing through all the other posts – lots of interesting-looking stuff there!

  3. Thanks for the mention – and have only just realised I didn’t have a link to Scottish Round Up on my blog. I do now! Apologies for the oversight…