It’ll all be over by Christmas?

This is my second stint at the Scottish Roundup. The last occasion was in March, but it does prove that if those in control like you can’t think of anyone else – they invite you back!

The heading here of course relates to the rather optimistic view of some with relation to the outbreak of the world wars and their possible duration. There has been much reflection on those particular periods in history in recent weeks and not just on remembrance. Yesterday (Saturday 20th) for example saw the 65th anniversary of the beginning of the Nuremberg Trials. The indictments against more than twenty prominent Nazis and six corporate institutions had been prepared in the six months which had elapsed from the end of the war.

In the Nuremberg trials every word spoken and every document referred to had to be translated into several languages, and yet the court took less than 11 months to deliver its verdicts.

Back to the present then and a trial that took a somewhat longer time to organise, and it would seem, is taking an eternity to reach its conclusion. The Sheridan Trial Blog has been updated mainly by James Doleman since the start of the case. Mr Doleman one would suspect is a supporter of Tommy and Gail Sheridan but he does try, with varying degrees of success, to steer a middle course and report proceedings in an objective manner. All human life is there in the comments section from, one would suspect, everyone ranging from political activists to those with a legal interest. Most post anonymously with the attendant bravado that permits.

Her Majesty may have been rather too busy to concern herself with how her Advocate was faring against the Sheridans, as the Royal Family basked in the reflective glow of the announcement of a wedding next year. It is fair to say that Scott at Love and Garbage doesn’t seem to be aligning himself with the widespread delight expressed by the great and, it has to be said, the good, on the news.

Politics is never far from the headlines and with the Holyrood elections looming next spring Gordon Johnston reports on the possible move north of the always enigmatic George Galloway in pursuit of his search for a seat. At the same time Gordon reflects on a similar move south for Gerry Adams in Ireland.

On procedural matters at Holyrood, Lallands Peat Worrier reports on the failure of Margo McDonald’s End of Life Assistance Bill to attract sufficient support. One suspects though that this particular issue has not reached the end of its life.

The fact that so many lives end prematurely assisted by alcoholic excess, and the lack of support for another Holyrood bill has been exercising the keyboard of The Burd who also has a wonderfully mature and reasoned article on Gig Etiquette

The etiquette at last night’s gig at the Fox and Hounds was impeccable. My good friend Helpless Dancer anticipates an acoustic night starring James Grant (Love and Money) and harmonica virtuoso Fraser Spiers which I can testify lived up to the promise.

Helpless Dancer’s blog centres very much on music and his insight and knowledge on the subject is well worth a look as is The Islay Blog which covers two subjects dear to my heart viz. malt whisky and photography. Armin (for it is he) takes stunning photographs of which this shot of the Paps of Jura published on Friday, is a fine example.

The news that the SNP government has declined to invest the £12 million required to allow for software updates which would continue the option for separate tax raising powers by a Scottish government elicits quite different responses from Devolution Matters and Andrew Reeves

Anne Bonnar meanwhile, concerns herself with other aspects of the budget cuts and how the arts and culture will be affected.

And while we are talking numbers adjacent to those in the telephone directory Suitably Despairing gives a green view on the continuing saga of Donald Trump’s mission to convert a large acreage of scrub (and that’s only his hair! – boom! boom!). The article is illustrated by a fine photo of the Trumpster.

Peter Curran gives his view on the relative merits of the Glasgow and Edinburgh quality press, pointing out what he sees as a changing political stance by the Herald and Scotsman.

And whilst the polls are predicting a torrid time for the Lib Dems in the upcoming Holyrood hustings, one activist at least is still a believer. However Caron’s posting about bullying is the kind of personal blogging which can strike a chord with many.

Hopefully some of the money raised by Children in Need can help some of Caron’s modern day counterparts although as with all fundraising, there’s always a scam following not far behind.

The wonderfully named Aye Tunes is looking for nominations for Scottish Christmas recordings.

After all it’s only four weeks on Saturday.

One wonders if the war, for Tommy at least, will be over by then.


  1. Sorry to sound like pedant’s corner, but the phrase “It will be all over by Christmas” was about the First World War, as both Britain & Germany thought that the war would be over before the festive season.

  2. I appreciate the roundup when it includes blogs right up and down the country. There’s always a danger of a blogger’s clique developing otherwise.

  3. Thank you for the comment. I sincerely hope that I wasn’t guilty of clique-ism. I featured I think fifteen blogs this week, eight of which came from the nominations supplied to me (None of which I had seen before) and seven from blogs that I read and would recommend – a few of which don’t feature regularly here. I think that’s a fair balance.

  4. “Mr Doleman one would suspect is a supporter of Tommy and Gail Sheridan but he does try, with varying degrees of success, to steer a middle course and report proceedings in an objective manner.”

    I got the opposite impression from that blog, interesting.

  5. Then he must be succeeding Watcher. There is another contributor who maybe has the opposite view from James Doleman but tries equally hard to keep a neutral view. I think they are doing a fair job.