December 2010

Lies, Eclipses and Festive Frivolity

I had thought that Roundup this week would be nothing but festive froth and frivolity, a showcase of the best Christmas Kitsch the Scottish blogosphere has to offer. Well, there is certainly some of that, but there’s also been some fairly Serious Stuff happening this week. It’s not every week that a famous (or infamous, […]


  Since it is the festive season I am going with some cheer and will leave the politics for the next weekly editor who will undoubtedly be better qualified to comment on such things. And as Bundance points out Christmas needs a little help to be something to look forward to. You have to let […]

The winter wonderland, tuition fees and wikileaks Edition

It should be noted that all of the blogs regarding the snow and the performance of Stewart Stevenson were written and submitted prior to his resignation last night. In the Scottish Parliament this week there we heard an apology from another Scottish Government Minister. Stewart Stevenson apologised for the problems that occurred to the Scottish transport system […]

Snow, St. Andrew and the Scotland Bill

It is great to be back doing a guest editorial for the Scottish Round Up team, I hope you enjoy the eclectic mix. In the week where every broadcaster has been reporting on the snow, the cold or the traffic not moving because of the snow, it seems bloggers have got in on the act […]