Snow, St. Andrew and the Scotland Bill

It is great to be back doing a guest editorial for the Scottish Round Up team, I hope you enjoy the eclectic mix.

In the week where every broadcaster has been reporting on the snow, the cold or the traffic not moving because of the snow, it seems bloggers have got in on the act as well.  Love and Garbage has a live snow blog, well worth a read to get, well, erm live updates on the snow and Ken MacLeod demands to know what this strange substance falling from the sky is?

Carons Musings’ explains how West Lothian Council’s snow communications were excellent, having a dedicated helpline, website page and using facebook and twitter to maximum effect.

The snow meant that all Scottish football games bar one were off this weekend, so I blogged about the Edinburgh Capitals ice hockey teams proposals for all football season ticket holders – they beat the Belfast Giants last night and tonights face-off at Murrayfield ice rink is 6pm.

I have started writing match reports for Deadline News.

Alasdair McGill explains why he’s glad he broke his collarbone, as he continues to learn who his true friends are and there is a sort of challenge from Alasdair – you try to put your socks on with just one hand!

Love and Garbage has a post titled “Her illness” – please read this one if you do nothing else today, but you may well need a tissue!

From that tear jerk post to the other side of the compass, Andy G sends us an update from Campa World.

In Holyrood this week, Margo MacDonald MSP introduced her Bill, the End of Life Assistance Bill which was rejected.  Martin Kelly heaves a gentle sigh of relief, for now while Absolvitor explains why they would have voted against the Bill, had they been an MSP and Lallands Peat Warrior writes a balanced account of the debate and vote.

In Westminster the big debate is still about tuition fees, Caron has advice from outside the bubble for Lib Dem MPs while over at Better Nation they compare what devolution has to offer students.

We also saw St. Andrews Day this week and the Universalityof Cheese muses over Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s card while Michael Moore MP writes on Lib Dem Voice about strengthening Scotland’s future with the introduction of the Scotland Bill and A Burdz Eye View tells us of Scotland’s other Patron Saint.

The following day was World AIDS day, the internationally recognised day when we remember those we have lost to AIDS over the years, raise awareness of HIV and work to fight HIV prejudice.  Waverley Care explain their work and appeal for funds and help.

New-Right questions whether the National Conversation has misfired?  Bella Caledonia asks why Scotland doesn’t have a foreign policy?

Now onto music, Gillain Martin or Misssy M to us fellow bloggers wants us to meet not only Meester M but his band, The Lorelei and for those of us with an i-pod, we really should download some Christmas aye-tunes.  Sticking with music via a very loose musical link, into art, Alastair Braidwood explains how being an overnight success takes a long time.

Caron and Andrew both blog about former x-factor contestant Gamu Nhengu who sining with Aberlour Choir is trying to push Simon Cowell off the number one spot at Christmas – the single, Where will you sleep this Christmas? is released as a download on the 13th December.

The Edinburgh Reporter has a not so live blog on a night of horror.

Moving onto fairer votes, ie the referendum being held on the 5th May 2011 there is a great piece on Fairer Votes Edinburgh’s website explaing the Alternative Vote – Vote Early, Vote Often – I will leave aside my personal views on STV versus AV, that’s a whole round up of its own.

As bugs bunny used to say, that’s all folks, enjoy the rest of your weekend and if you spot any good blog posts let the team know at @ScottishRoundUp for next weeks round up.