The winter wonderland, tuition fees and wikileaks Edition

It should be noted that all of the blogs regarding the snow and the performance of Stewart Stevenson were written and submitted prior to his resignation last night.

In the Scottish Parliament this week there we heard an apology from another Scottish Government Minister. Stewart Stevenson apologised for the problems that occurred to the Scottish transport system on Monday when heavy snow brought much of the central belt to a relative standstill. Scottish bloggers though were split on the need for an apology. Joan McAlpine did not believe that the Minister should resign over operational matters, highlighting the fact that Alastair Darling did not resign in 2003 when similar problems occurred in England under his watch as Transport Minister. Burdz Eye View has a different opinion, voiced early in the week when Mr Stevenson was on the airways but not, yet, apologising for the lack of information or the distress caused to those who really did need to travel.

Ideas of Civilisation also blogs on the apology when it came, linking it to other recent Ministerial apologies from both John Swinney and Alex Salmond and how they can distract from governing and give the impression of always being on the defensive.

The snow did cause some travel problems for many people but West Lothian Answers risks the wrath of many by questioning the need for so many people to travel on Monday despite knowing that the conditions were bad and likely to deteriorate. There is also a defence of Stewart Stevenson.

Slugs on the Refrigerator provide use with some great pics and a wee story on their travel situation during Monday. Finally on the snow, Lesley Riddoch wonders why school teachers appear to be one section of the workforce that are disproportionately by the snow……

Of course, one of the other big stories this week as been the Tuition Fees vote in Westminster. Alex Massie at the Spectator compares Nick Clegg (favourably!) to George HW Bush (he of ‘read my lips, no new taxes’ fame). The Will Patterson Notebook has a great post showing that just 48 MPs have voted on tuitions fees consistently since 2004 and the goes on to defend NUS against the attacks from the Lib Dems. New-Right gives us a clear list of which MP voted which way. The fees vote has cause students to protest and parts of those protests have become violent which has cause politicians to take to the airwaves. Munguin’s Republic was particularly vexed at the tone taken by London Mayor Boris Johnson during an interview on the Today Programme on Radio 4 about the attack on Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall.

The ongoing wikileaks story as taken a number of twists and turns as highlighted by Eric Joyce MP here and here.  Some of the wikileaks are going over some recent Scottish stories and Alex Massie covers the leaks that are do with the release of the Lockerbie Bomber Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi. The ongoing battle to keep wikileaks online is covered in great, yet clear, detail by Technollama.

Elsewhere in the Scottish blogoshere the Sheridan trial continues with the appearance of Prime Ministers Communications Director, Andy Coulson. The Scotland Bill receives some further analysis by Absolvitor which highlights the bizarre beliefs of the Countryside Alliance and the British Association of Shooting and Conservation. Jeff at Better Nation blogs about the ever increasing presence of Tesco Towns and Bright Green Scotland give an excellent account of what has happened to the Irish economy.

Scotland for the Senses gives us some excellent pictures of the Hermitage in Perthshire, Mark Fisher’s Scottish Theatre blog gives us a review of The Three Musketeers and the Princess of Spain, Scots Whay Hae! gives us some information on some of the best Scottish music in 2010.

Finally, The Ben Lomond Free press covers the bizarre goings on at Newcastle Football Club, Last Years Girl gives us her Christmas pressie list and Soft Thistle gives us a new blogging idea – Sunday Snippets.

Thanks for reading.