January 2011

Robert Burns and other things that moved Scotland’s bloggers this week

In something of a departure, I’d like to start this week’s Roundup with the Court and Social section, Huge congratulations to some-time Roundup editor Andrew Reeves who got married on Friday. Meanwhile, sympathy to Kevin Holdsworth who is mourning the loss of Tilly. Now to business… so we’ll crack on with the business section. Craig […]

The Parental Roundup

If you’ve ever stopped by my little corner of the internet you will have noticed that I generally talk about my girls, books, and more than the odd cake baking episode. Being invited to edit this can make you feel like a very small fish in a rather large pond. Little fish or no, the […]

Roundup Pick n Mix

It has been difficult to fit this week’s nominated posts into categories. I like that. You’ve all been so varied this week, so think of this roundup as a Pick ‘n’ Mix stall. No pinching that sneaky extra sweetie as you browse, now! That Miserable Bastard has a go at the choice of the world’s […]

Resolutions and Setting the World to Rights

I thought the first week back would be a relatively quiet week for blogging with many people taking a break and recovering from the New Year festivities; however, there were plenty of posts worthy of comment this week. Resolving It’s always interesting to read the first blog posts of the year, often they mention new […]

A Guid New Year tae ane and a’

I had a notion, seeing as we do tend to get all nostalgic at this time of year, to see what the first Roundup of 2010 had said. I had completely forgotten that I’d written it.. It also dawned on me that next year, the Roundup will actually be published on New Year’s Day itself. […]