Scottish Round Up is brought to you by literature

In recognition of the fact that yesterday was Save Our Libraries day every section of the Scottish Round Up this week has been sponsored by a well known figure from literature.

The Manly Pursuits Section sponsored by Ernest Hemingway

Nope – I just can’t rouse myself to even have a glimmer of interest in sport.  Sorry.  Before you say, yes I know it’s sexist, no I don’t care.  However, In at the Shallow End has started a blog about learning to swim as an adult – a brave thing to do.

The Family Corner sponsored by Enid Blyton

O Mammy finds suddenly that she is a grandmother – to what appears to be a bag of flour. Transatlantic Blond takes her baby boy to enjoy the Gallery of Modern Art, in Glasgow (these educations need to start early). BellegroveBelle reports on what must be the exhausting work of combining being a Councilor and activist with having a seven month-old.

The Save our Libraries Protest Blogs sponsored by Philip Larkin

Bear Bahoochie listens into people’s conversations in libraries so that we can snigger – always welcome.  Kids, Craft and Chaos explains why libraries are for life, not just economic boom times.  Scot’s Whay Hae also writes eloquently about libraries, his favorite at GOMA and our own Scottish Poetry Library.

Culture Corner sponsored by Leonard Cohen

The Daily Dose pay’s tribute to the legend that is the Barrowlands, while Set in Darkness – Scotland tells us all about the jolly time to be had listening to Celtic fusion at Celtic Connections.  Nikki’s Blog gives us her thoughts on The Kings Speech, which is useful because I’ve heard it turns you royalist and now I’m too scared to go.

The Edinburgh Report tells us about Lung Ha’s Theater Company, which certainly sounds worth catching if you are in either Edinburgh or Glasgow.  One Night Stanzas invites you to a series of poetry and film workshops.

The Political Corner sponsored by George Orwell

FairerVotesEdinburgh regales us with the harrowing tale of how one activist become addicted, yes addicted, to cold calling people about the referendum – shocking.

Moved to Comment also highlights the genuinely sobering fact that while 900 jobs are going at Aberdeen City Council the upkeep on the civic car (please note the singular) costs around £967 a week, a car that has been caught several times illegally parked.

Love and Garbage has a long rant at the telly, asking the question that we all have occasion to ask when watching the news (or particular early morning “news” shows which take viewers text seriously) “are BBC journalists and government ministers bloody stupid”.  You know the answer, don’t you?

Better Nation also looks at the issue of broadcasting and politics, mainly the lamentable lack of much on the BBC political output that recognises or is relevant to devolved areas, formerly known as “the regions” to which “the north” is also a proxy partner in the area of broadcasting in that none of us appear to really get acknowledged or taken seriously  – rather like an unhappy marriage.  Most of that last bits mine.

The Environmental bench (not made of teak) sponsored by Ted Hughes

Son of the Rock asks some interesting questions about climate change denial and the motivation and limits in those who stand up to what they see as an apparent “tyranny”.

Bright Green does some pretty deep thinking about the situation in the Arab world and how ultimately it’s all interlinked, and it all comes down to oil.

Aberdeen Voice clears up that matter of whether or not Donald Trump wanted to use Compulsory Purchase Orders to evict people from their own homes so he can build the biggest penis extension in the world.  Oh no he didn’t!  Oh yes he did!

Self Promotion Corner – sponsored by William McGonagall

Ach, of course there’s me.  I’m doing a wee reading at the launch of a poetry anthology I’m in and you’re all invited, do come.

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