Democracy, Devine and the Daily Mail – a snapshot of Scotland’s Blogosphere

. I am very grateful to Subrosa, who stepped in at very short notice to be this week’s editor. Some nominations have come in since she prepared it, and I’ve added them at the end.

If you would like to have a go at editing Roundup, please let us know by e-mail to or by tweeting @scottishroundup. We’ve had quite a few new faces lately and I think all of them have enjoyed it. I hope you have all enjoyed the variety they have brought as well. It takes a couple of hours or so on a Saturday to look through the nominations, which I, or one of the other admin editors, will send you and we’ll hold your hand through the process – although that’s not compulsory, so don’t let that thought scare you off. I am particularly looking for a volunteer for next week’s Roundup, 20th, and for 6th March.

Anyway, on to the main event – firstly, Subrosa’s Roundup:

Welcome to this week’s Roundup. Some excellent nominations were received and I’ll do my best to include as many as possible. It’s been a hectic week politically in Scotland although our domestic politics have been dwarfed by the ‘people power’ of Egypt. Good luck to them. Debra Storr ssuggests democracy is failing in Aberdeenshire, so Egypt has a long and arduous road to a democratic free society.

The release of Megrahi has been quite a talking point on the BBC and Moridura – the Scottish blogosphere’s resident video-clipping expert – hasn’t failed us. He’s been documenting some of the televised discussion. Joan McAlpine attacks the jugular of Scottish Labour but I hae ma doots she’ll receive a response, don’t you?

The behaviour of a Scottish ex Labour MP hit the national headlines. I’m sure Jim Devine’s blatant lies left many of us open-mouthed in amazement and wondering just how such a man could reach the elite position of sitting in the House of Commons as a Scottish MP. Caron has a little of the inside story – made more intriguing because of her personal knowledge of the man – and Indygal feels sorry for him, but only to a degree.

I smoke despite, or perhaps in spite of, the protestations of those who class me as a threat to society. MPs can smoke in certain areas of Westminster; Iain Gray surely manages to have a puff somewhere in Holyrood; prisoners can smoke – yet the Royal Edinburgh Hospital is now a no-go area for smokers and Belinda puts the case for continuing to keep psychiatric hospitals’ smoking rooms exempt. Even a non-smoker couldn’t argue with the validity of her argument.

The Scottish Government’s budget was passed by Parliament last week yet councils have been leaking information about their own cuts for weeks. Burdz Eye View voices who she thinks will suffer most.

Michael Traill draws our attention to the latest consultations launched by the Government and they should concern all of us.

Tris has an incredible experience in Morrison’s with the Daily Express while another couple of bloggers have issues with the Daily Mail. Mairi is struggling with her daily reading addiction and Ellen has some tips which may help. Go for it Mairi!

The mention of the Daily Mail brings me nicely to the subject of sex. The Peat Worrier is at his best when analysing statistics and this week he has his molars into the Scottish Social Attitudes Survey which throws up some interesting comparisons within the last decade. I too posted about sex this week as I strongly disapprove of schools teaching 3rd years in sex and relationships then training them to pass on the information to 1st years.

Stuart of Bright Green Scotland complains about DECC’s announcement that they would start a review of the feed-in Tariff rate for Solar and Anaerobic Digestion while Suitably Despairing has a more common digestion problem.

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. For me it’s purely a commercial event because we should appreciate those we love every day. Softthistle certainly appreciates her mum.

That’s it for this week. Thanks to Caron for her kindness in posting this as I’m completely baffled by the technical intricacies of WordPress. Please continue to submit any blog posts you think deserve a wider audience. The email address is on the right or we can be contacted on Twitter. I hope the next seven days are kind to you.

And thanks again to Subrosa for stepping in at such short notice. Now on to those later nominations: Firstly, A Scottish Liberal has some thoughts on the implications of Mubarak’s departure. The View fae the Wee Pennyland is a new blog which in one of its first posts muses on what Cameron’s multiculturalism speech means for Scotland.

Raiders of the Lost Park shows off some posters against the plans for Union Terrace Gardens in Aberdeen and, sticking with the North East, Donald Trump has been a controversial figure there, but it appears that he’s contemplating running for US President.

That’s all for this week. Thank you all the nominations you’ve been sending us. Keep them coming in – and don’t be shy to nominate your own posts. All the editorial team spend much longer online than could ever be considered healthy, but we still can’t check out every Scottish blog. So, if you’re particularly proud of something you write, tell us.