Four Seasons in one Roundup

Hello, long time reader, first time editor. So far this month we’ve seen sun, rain, hail, snow, wind and fog, usually on the same day. The song “Four seasons in one day” by Crowded House is said to be about Melbourne, but I have a feeling they visited Scotland in March. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that the weather is changeable. So, in homage to Scotland’s interesting climate, I’ll take you on a trip through the Scottish Blogosphere’s Four Seasons.


Afternoon sun shining on the pink castle walls

Nina’s Apartment is already dreaming about summer and showing us some amazing blues.

Given the winter we’ve just had, it might be best to play all sport in Summer. The Old Firm may have wished for the Winter Break to have lasted until the end of march.  Lily Greenan, guesting at Better Nation, argues that football does not cause domestic abuse, whilst Ideas of Civilisation warns the media not to take a hyperbolic approach to matters. Gerry Hassan, however, tells of Scotland’s Shame and the silence of Men.



Autumn signals that change is on its way and preparations are made for the long winter ahead.  As we come to the end of the current term of Scottish Parliament, are we preparing for change from the SNP to Labour?

Stephen Noon looks back at the first four years of SNP government, while Ewan McIntosh looks at education, asking if the SNP are the only party with a vision, following on from the Scotland on Sunday education hustings. Neil Craig is thinking ahead to the TV Leaders debates and proposes an X-Factor style format. Caron attended the Breakthrough Breast Cancer debate and was left praising the co-operation of the politicians.

Speaking of the debates, consider the upcoming TV Leaders debate and whether it has the correct number of leaders involved. If you think that Patrick Harvie should be included, sign Jeff at Better Nation’s petition to have him included.


The snow returns to Liathach

The long winter’s nights are great for sitting in the house and learning something new; Stuart Mathieson is learning Italian and musing on common words, Philosophical Zombie ponders through the night on wisdom of crowdsourcing, and Andrew Page took time to look back on a year of blogging.

Discussions about nuclear power always put me in the mind of nuclear winters, but Neil Craig at A Place to Stand asks how much the anti-nuclear movement has cost humanity, arguing “humanity would all average at least twice as well off as we actually do without these anti-nuclear Luddite parasites”.

Might somone recommend some music to keep your spirits up? Well, Peenko tells us the Son(s) new album is a “phenomenal piece of work” and I wouldn’t disagree. If grungy punk is more your think, why not try some anniestevenson?  But if podcasts make you happy aurally, then check out the brand new Greener Leith podcast, Nature’s Calendar.  Out just in time for …


Redhall House Snowdrops

In a spot of spring cleaning, In a Bun Dance gets rid of all the plastic crap that invades your house if you have children.  It doesn’t end according to plan. Subrosa tells of another type of spring, namely a bungee jump where once a great battle was fought. Journeyman Traveller gives us some wonderful photos from a trip to the Cairngorms. Ian Hamilton gives us a blind man’s perspective of personal image.

Dance Ricky Dance conducted an interesting experiment looking for ladies.  And on Tuesday,  the Scottish blogosphere celebrated International Women’s Day; Joan McAlpine tells us the story of the girl in the grey head scarf.

Ellen asks us to watch a very powerful video, and the gender confusing Bella Caledonia asks The Burd to talk about Independent Women, while the Shoogly Peg gives us the fact that not even a third of candidates at this years Scottish Elections will be women. I concur with the Burd in post on her own blog, A Woman’s Place is in the Parliament.

And that’s this week’s roundup.  I hope you found something that interested you.


  1. Thanks for the positive comments.

    As a post full of links it does make a difference when they are broken up with a pretty picture.

    All photos are Creative Commons licensed (therefore legally allowed to be posted on the blog) flickr photos taken in Scotland in the last month or so. I think they show the variety of weather we have quite well – although it was too hard to find a good photo of rain

  2. Thanks Paul. I agree about photos or graphics to make a post more readable. Unfortunately when I tried it on here I just couldn’t get to grips with the WordPress technology and it kept going right. 🙁 Must try harder.