April 2011

Sniffing, The Sun, sectarianism and Salmond

This is my first time editing the Scottish Blog Roundup, so I guess I should introduce myself first. I’m John, or if you prefer @cowrin, and I blog at Suitably Despairing. So now that we all know each other, let’s get tore into this week’s blogging scene. The week after manifestos are published is usually […]

Manifesto madness

This week’s Scottish Roundup is edited by Mairi at Lump in the Throat. So, due to holidays and what-not (although how you can have a holiday when there is an election on I don’t know) we are a little thin on the ground blog wise this week.  Although I imagine this won’t matter too much […]

Roundup Special; The best of Scotland’s Music Blogs

This week’s round up was compiled by George Mackie who posts at   A Scottish Music Blog Round-up you say? Sounds easy doesn’t it? I think the main issue is not who to include, but more who to leave out. These folks work hard you see, endlessly putting together gig listings form a shambolic […]