A round up of the best in Scottish blogging you say? Aye, I’d be up for that!

This week’s Roundup comes from our new guest editor Jo Horne

So its 10.30pm on Saturday night, I’ve fourteen Easter eggs to wrap for tomorrow, an interview to prepare for and I’m still alternating between tears of laughter and sadness reading some of this weeks nominations. God bless you, you lot are a wonderfully diverse bunch but not ones for giving the new guest editor an easy break eh!


Well revenge is a dish best served cold so I’m starting with Physics! Ha! That got you didn’t it. Well, alright, it’s Brian Cox… or more accurately our own MisssyM’s thoughts on his presence in the Universe topped off with a short film by a chap I reckon will be a new internet sensation. See the post here.


Speaking of which, the next is quite frankly a bone chillingly frightening demonstration of the power of the Internet. Read the post here.Yes, you read it right. To date, over 66 million, that’s 66 million people have watched Rebecca Black ‘sing’ her song ‘Friday’ and some even LIKE it! She’ll probably make a fortune and become a household power-name just like that little chap with the fringe.


If only that power could be used for good though Batman? What about giving Gavin MacFie a hand who’s trying still to get the message across that not all that glitters, or whirls, is necessarily gold… Read the post here... or helping people like poor Roger who this week got to experience Scotrails own brand of er… ‘Efficiency’ Read the post here.


Speaking of Batman and heroes …Ellen asks if Myleene Class is a hero. Read the post here . He may be Hero in name but for my money, here are some of the true ones caught on camera at Camphill School in Aberdeen . The way forward? See the post here.


And both Bella Caledonia and Independence Convention have been blogging about their own views of the political way forward this week. Though we hold to no political view in particular here at the Scottishroundup.co.uk, both entries certainly make for interesting reading.


Finally, our heartfelt sympathies go out to GentleOtter this week. RIP Bonnie.


Thanks as always for your submissions, I hope you have a great week and all complaints about this weeks Scottishroundup should be directed towards



Jo Horne

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