Roundup Special; The best of Scotland’s Music Blogs

This week’s round up was compiled by George Mackie who posts at


A Scottish Music Blog Round-up you say? Sounds easy doesn’t it? I think the main issue is not who to include, but more who to leave out. These folks work hard you see, endlessly putting together gig listings form a shambolic collection of pr emails, facebook events, band sites, even myspace entries and so, you get the picture. Most of these sites have their own wee rule book, some have single and album reviews others don’t, some have weekly gig listings, interviews, videos, downloadable podcasts, general musak articles and live gig reviews. What follows is only a drop in the Scottish Music Interweb Ocean, take a little time out and go for a paddle, I’m sure there’s something out there worth adding to your favourites.


What we’ve also done this week is not put a link to a particular post but to the whole site, so you can pick and choose once you land on the home page and of course add them to your bookmarks if you like what you see.


Kicking off this collection of links is the wonderfully named 17 Seconds, complete with an update on Record Store Day on the 16th of April. The gaffer on 17 Seconds also contributes to Is This Music? , an online general music fanzine for Scotland.


Dear Scotland tends to venture onto films and sport as well but certainly devote enough to music to justify their inclusion.


In a similar off topic blog, I’ve included Last Years Girl. Am I on the way to a round-up ban already? McGulp!


Got to say I REALLY miss the Photo Friday updates on The Dail Dose, but theres lots to browse around anyway. Some of these sites are just a superb reference on bands and artists old and new and often un-noticed by the national music media.


Certainly not a blog to follow any internet fashions is up next, the remarkable Kowalskiy, hopefully his wee break won’t last too long.


Scots heavyweights Pop Cop have more Record Store Day coverage as well as more links than any Roots stage show.


Any Scotsperson worth his salt likes a freebie and indeed we bring you the home of the Friday Freebie that is Peenko. Its only one of their weekly things that they bring to us appreciative folks.


I’ll let the next two sites speak for themselves, the excellently named Aye Tunes and Jock n Roll. Often imitated but not often bettered.


Any podcast fans won’t be surprised to find Glasgow Podcast listed who seem to have gone from strength to strength of late.


I’m not sure if I’d be allowed back into the country if I missed out Favourite Son, plenty to dip into on here.


A couple of my own favourites now, Song, by Toad… a hearty mix of writing and podcasts done in what I think is a very likable style. Some really informative writing on here and the audio and video stuff is top drawer as well.


For something stunningly different I have to include Detour, I’ll let you discover this absolute gem of a blog/site/experience for yourself.


There are LOADS of other sites I could well have included but that’s for you to find yourself, indeed most of the sites above have lists of links to similar sites. Its a perk of the internet in my opinion, there’s always another door that begging to be opened.


Have fun, and all the best. G.


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