Manifesto madness

This week’s Scottish Roundup is edited by Mairi at Lump in the Throat.

So, due to holidays and what-not (although how you can have a holiday when there is an election on I don’t know) we are a little thin on the ground blog wise this week.  Although I imagine this won’t matter too much to you as you will be ring fencing all your spare reading time for the election literature that is pouring through your letterbox?

Never fear however if civil rights, liberties etc. is going to be your red line issue when deciding who to vote for. Absolvitor has already set out how the main three manifesto’s view these issues.  Does not include the SSP or the Scottish Communist Party who also released manifesto’s last week, or Greens who launch next week – but does include the startling admission of someone still willing to fess-up to being a member of the Lib Dems.

If you’re of a greenish-hue and wondering what to do with your first vote Suitably Despairing has done a little analysis of the SNP manifesto’s green pledges, and over at the  triumvirate that is Better Nation you can have a squiz at all the Party Election Broadcasts. is trying valiantly to sort out the issue of there not being any coherent place for voters to find information on how to contact local candidates, in each area to ask questions.  He’s looking for help, but I fear it may be to late for 2011.  If you prefer you could sit in every evening hoping against hope that you’re the lucky one who’s door they knock on – or that you happen to see a flyer for a local hustings, or contact each party directly and vote in proportion to the amount of time they take to get back to you…

For those of you who wish to keep up with the in-fighting and spats in the Edinburgh poetry scene, and who wouldn’t want to, the latest storm in a tea cup, the taken too personally, perinnial and old a long time ago debate about Page v’s Stage is given its most insightful analysis yet by Harry Giles.  Lets hope the poets can draw a line under it as Greener Leith brings us all back down to earth with an acknowledgement of the power of both poetry and social media to give a voice to people whom may otherwise have none.

It appears Blippers have a much greater sense of humour when it comes to being derided by people whose opinions they shouldn’t really care that much about.  In response to a Scotland on Sunday opinion piece this was blogged, these photo’s were blipped, and then this flashmob happened.

For those of you who prefer music to poetry and photography there is news of a new instrument – the skoog.  Yes, the skoog!  Edinburgh Reporter can tell you more, though not how it got its name.  Still with music the lovely Misssy M can’t help but let us know about the music video’s she’s been directing – big time!

I actually blogged this last week, but it’s very exciting and I’m in charge this week so I’m going to include it.  You can also follow me on Twitter @lumpinthethroat.

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