Sniffing, The Sun, sectarianism and Salmond

This is my first time editing the Scottish Blog Roundup, so I guess I should introduce myself first. I’m John, or if you prefer @cowrin, and I blog at Suitably Despairing. So now that we all know each other, let’s get tore into this week’s blogging scene.

The week after manifestos are published is usually when the parties try and consolidate their policies in the minds of the voters. Of course it helps if those policies are the same ones you’ve been fighting on in the last four years. Lallands Peat Worrier takes a look at “Labour’s naked and apparently unembarrassed volte-faces“. Set In Darkness has had a series of posts looking at the leader’s interviews on Newsnicht, and he decides that timing is everything in politics and Iain Gray got it all wrong. And talking of those interviews, how about the thoughts of an Englishman, in the form of The Daily (Maybe) looking on as Tavish faces up to the LibDems’ Cleggacy.
It’s not all doom and gloom for the LibDems though. Caron thinks he went down quite well at the Scottish Police Federation’s Conference in Aviemore.The Burd, though, thinks they’re clutching at coalition straws. And talking of clutching at straws, The Burd also hosts a guest post asking if Annabel Goldie will be Scotland’s next Deputy First Minister?

I think it’s fair to say that the political week belonged to the SNP and the Greens. The first thing to put a cheeky wee grin on Salmond’s face was the Sun coming out. Bella Caledonia has words of warning that The Sun is still a unionist rag. Meanwhile Jeff at Better Nation wonders if the Sun’s endorsement is actually a Tory plot?

Speaking of Better Nation, they’ve crunched the numbers on the second piece of good news for the SNP, the latest opinion poll. Go Lassie Go wonders if it was Salmond’s performance on Question Time wot won it, rather than The Sun.

The Greens, meanwhile, were also heartened by the opinion poll which showed their support remaining steady. Alison Johnstone wonders whether it has anything to do with the revival of hustings in the country, while James Mackenzie has been detailing some behind the scenes media strategies that have been powering the Green campaign. On the other hand, Bella Caledonia thinks the Greens have been sending out mixed messages, and Midlothian Liberal reckons that the Greens are about to get their comeuppance.

The shame of sectarianism reared its head again this week after letter bombs were sent to the Celtic manager and some prominent supporters. Left Back In The Changing Room reckons it is Scotland’s greatest shame, but The Shoogly Peg discovers that Glasgow isn’t all that scary, really. And sticking with football (although some might say sectarianism has nothing to do with football), fitbathatba reckons Gerard Houllier is actually a Highlander.

Just where has Midlothian Council mislaid £37,500? That’s the question exercising Hearts and Mines, and now also the police. Will that story break out of Midlothian to become a political scandal? Bright Green is also asking where all the money went, after reports that a London flat is for sale for £138 million. Meanwhile I know exactly where the money is going in Edinburgh, I’m just not happy at the lack of creativity!
A Lump In The Throat identifies tensions within the Edinburgh poetry scene. To relieve that tension, here’s a spring haiku from Crafty Green Poet. And since it’s spring, there’s a great deal of rutting about. It can cause some confusion, as Musings From A Stonehead discovered.
And talking of confusion, the nation needs to know whither ‘scone’, ‘scone’ or ‘scone’? Don’t tell Love and Garbage, but I’m a ‘scone’ man. I’m not sure if it’s bad manners to pronounce it that way, but In A Bun Dance wonders if there’s ever an excuse for them. Bad manners, that is. There’s always an excuse for scones.
Finally, bringing up the rear, The Black Menace ruminates on why he’s addicted to bum-sniffing.
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  1. Ooh. First time someone nominated something I wrote that wasn’t actually a shameless piece of of self-promotion by myself! Good round-up and cheers.