We’re back – the first Roundup in the New Scotland

Well, Scotland seems to have changed quite a lot since the last Roundup. The Parliament where no party was supposed to dominate now has a majority SNP Government. Some time in the next five years, we will have a referendum on independence which, whatever your perspective, has to be at least a little bit exciting.

Nobody would have predicted in March, when Labour had a significant lead in the opinion polls, that the SNP would overtake them in a political tidal wave that swept away half Labour’s front bench from its west and Central Scotland heartland. Over at The Steamie, I had a stab at working out how they’d done it.

It’s been a pretty heartbreaking time for those not in the SNP. Labour, Tories and the Liberal Democrats all lost their leaders. Willie Rennie is the first of the new generation of political leaders to take office. Climbing Russell’s Mountain tells us a bit more about the man.

It was fabulous to see Yousuf Hamid make an all to brief return to the blogosphere to outline, on Better Nation, what Labour must learn from the kicking it received from the voters.

The Greens had hoped to make a breakthrough, but again returned just 2 MSPs. Suitably Despairing is gutted, and looks at where they go from here.

The passage or otherwise of the Scotland Bill through both Holyrood and Westminster. The man between Alex Salmond’s demands for more powers to be included within it, and Westminster Labour and Tory’s reluctance to see any greater powers devolved is Secretary of State for Scotland Michael Moore. Olly Grender writing at the New Statesman, profiles the Liberal Democrats’ fifth man in the Cabinet.

Lallands Peat Worrier looked at the traditional oath taken by MSPs as they were sworn in.

The diversity, or lack of it, in the new Parliament is discussed by The Burd at her new perch at Better Nation.. She’s still going strong at her old one too, writing about how it is, sadly, very much a Man’s World.

Just to show that constitutional matters don’t have to always be about independence, Philosophical Zombie, who once worked in the House of Lords, discusses its reform.

Sadly, this week saw the funeral of Inverclyde MP David Cairns who died on 10th May at only 44. He has his own unique place in Scottish history as the law had to be changed to allow the former Catholic Priest to stand for Parliament. Many Scottish bloggers will have interacted with him on Twitter, where he was a friendly and incredibly funny stalwart. Tom Harris MP, a close friend of Cairns, wrote this heartfelt tribute that made many of us wish we’d known him better.

This coming week, the Church of Scotland will finally make its mind up on how it feels about same sex relationships. Andrew Page looks at the issues

And Morally Bankrupt warns of advice centres under threat in Glasgow.

Away from politics, Slugs on the Refrigerator asks why, when she has a 24/7 job, sometimes it doesn’t seem enough. Still with maternal angst, Mummy do that advises us to throw off the guilt when it comes to breastfeeding.

In a Bun Dance asks if she is a feminist.

Clinically Fed Up requests that you ask for permission before you use her photos and tells us a little bit about copyright.

Congratulations to MisssyM, who’s been nominated for an award – and if you missed the story the first time it was on here, do read it again. It will make you laugh.

If you’re still here to read this, then it looks as if predictions of Armageddon for yesterday were a bit wide of the mark. Kelvin has a few words to say on the subject.

And welcome back to The Catgirl after a year’s absence.

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