Courts, referendums, knighthoods, European sojourns, festivals and farewells

Events this week have meant that I haven’t had a huge amount of time to chase up nominations for the best posts in Scottish blogging this week – but, thankfully, you lovely readers have kept them coming in on a wide variety of topics.

There’s been plenty political controversy this week, but I thought it might be good to start with National Volunteer Week for which Volunteer Edinburgh interviewed a different volunteer every day.

A new community initiative for a wind turbine for Leith and Portobello has attracted 200 backers in just a few days, according to Greener Leith.

Bloggers have not exactly been queuing up to congratulate Stagecoach’s Brian Souter on his knighthood. In fact, Bright Green Scotland and A Scottish Liberal are quite strongly opposed.

Constitutional issues are still causing voices to be raised and tempers to be lost. This week Secretary of State for Scotland Michael Moore suggested that if an initial independence referendum only asked for permission to negotiate, there should be a follow up one on the final deal. I thought he was right. The Better Nation team were split and Lallands Peat Worrier explained the legal sided of it in scholarly fashion.

The Supreme Court controversy continues with Scots Law Thoughts being unimpressed with the Executive’s language. Lallands Peat Worrier thinks that there are problems with the way our High Court of Justiciary deals with human rights cases and that we should be putting our own house in order.

A Shoogly Peg suggests that it’s not issues over courts or referendums that could anger Scots sufficiently to choose separation, but that FIFA could make it happpen.

Love and Garbage has his own highly unique theory about the Blair/Brown plotting.

The other half of the Better Nation team have been on a jolly fact finding mission to the European Parliament in Strasbourg for which they have produced a number of posts, but this first one is a light hearted look at 5 random things they learned on their first day.

Willie Rennie, the new Liberal Democrat leader, also decided to support minimum alcohol pricing, a move that pleases me
but not my friend and colleague Keith Legg on Climbing Russell’s Mountain.

This is the week that Labour Hame burst into our consciousness. Tom Harris MP has returned to blogging at this group blog which aims, I guess, to rival the likes of Bella Caledonia and Better Nation.

The Burd makes her suggestions as to how best to reform Holyrood. Clue, it doesn’t involve printers and faxes.

Bright Green Scotland suggests that nobody should have to choose between femininity and feminism.

And Michael Traill suggests we could even use social networking for FOI requests.

Bella Caledonia were very excited about the Edinburgh Film Festival.

Giggle Beats, funnily enough, looks at the comedy on offer.

Fringe Report has an overview of the biggest Fringe yet.

And Set in Darkness looks forward to Rock Ness.

We have a heart warming story of how a bee was restored to health on Taexalia.

My friend and fellow blogger Andrew Reeves’ funeral took place on Friday. Tributes had been paid to him across the political spectrum and I have been pulling them together. Knowing how much he loved the area around Newhaven Harbour, and how he’d photographed it many times for his Blipfoto blog, I was particularly pleased to see this short film on Greener Leith of the area, showing a windy sunset, in the nominations, and I’ll leave you with that.


  1. Thanks for the mention for my blogpost. And for my *fact finding* trip to Euroland with Malc from Better Nation. Less frivolous posts to follow, honest!