July 2011

This, That and the Other Thing

It’s Clair here again, it feels like being back in school with my work always having to follow Kateri’s, oh well best get on with it. As we hurtle towards the end of July and pass the half way mark of the school holidays Scottish blogging has continued apace with a wonderful range of blog posts concerning […]

Holiday Reading

As this is my first time editing the round-up I feel I should introduce myself. My name is Kateri (pronounced Cat- Terry) and I blog at Bear Bahoochie. In case you want to know more about my name Kids, Craft and Chaos has handily recently posted a bit about the name ‘Kateri’ so have a […]

Hacked off

Well, maybe not the most original headline of the week, but you would think that nothing else had gone on than the scandal engulfing News International, the Police and politicians. Scottish bloggers have certainly taken a robust look at this one this week, but lest we think it’s all that matters at the moment, I […]

Brought to you by tabloid headlines

In honour of what has been the most important news event of the year so far, The Scottish Round-up of Blogs is brought to you by tabloid headlines, often completely unrelated to what the blogs are talking about…  (by Mairi Campbell-Jack @lumpinthethroat) Cancer cured by words A Scottish Liberal talks about the language used around […]

Spies, The Devil’s Staircase and Lemony Mackerel Pâté

This week’s Scottish Roundup is compiled by Hercules Moments’ Eoin Smith (@eoinsmith), a journalist, student and magician from Aberdeen. A Bit About Music Aldous Huxley once said that “after silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.” And it seems that Scotland’s music bloggers share this sentiment. The Shoogly Peg recently went […]