Brought to you by tabloid headlines

In honour of what has been the most important news event of the year so far, The Scottish Round-up of Blogs is brought to you by tabloid headlines, often completely unrelated to what the blogs are talking about…  (by Mairi Campbell-Jack @lumpinthethroat)

Cancer cured by words

A Scottish Liberal talks about the language used around his mother’s breast cancer diagnosis.  I agree, having had a partner who had Hodgkins Lymphoma a lot of words are trotted out that really, only make the person using them feel better.

Sticking with the word theme Sean McP discusses the political ramifications of the word “separate” and links it to arguments in favour of faith based schools.  While I can’t agree with him, it is always interesting to hear the arguments from the other side.

Criminals ruin hard working families dream home

No they don’t.  Look at this amazing artwork from Dorky Mum’s recent holidays.  I wish our streets were this creative.

Britons cheer while small sticking plaster is placed on open fetid wound

Frankly discusses the friendship between Clarins Dave and Coulson, while Gerry Hassan also discusses the ramifications for the Conservative party.  That Guy from Easterhouse searches through the muck of Murdoch’s life, newspapers and practices and manages to still admire him.  Lallands Peat Warrior and Random Thoughts Re Scots and (other) Law discuss the implications the NoW downfall has for Sheradin.  Spectator has mysteriously found a memo for Rebekha Brooks.  Bright Green Scotland pauses to contemplate all the staff at The News of the World, who have now lost their jobs, while not hacking phones.

Nationalist Scots try to repel English with art

This is quite beautiful.  Mugwump investigates the history of SNP policy while Michael Trail writes a letter to Alex Salmond asking that Glasgow 2014 be brought under the Freedom of Information Act.