Hacked off

Well, maybe not the most original headline of the week, but you would think that nothing else had gone on than the scandal engulfing News International, the Police and politicians. Scottish bloggers have certainly taken a robust look at this one this week, but lest we think it’s all that matters at the moment, I want you to focus on Cicero’s Songs gloomy forecast for the world economy. He’s taken on Murdoch as well this week, but his piece on impending global financial meltdown chilled me to the bone, particularly as I’ve found him to be right on many occasions in the 25 years I’ve known him. A cheery thought for a Sunday morning, particularly as there’s very little any of us can do about it.

The hacking story has received widespread coverage and put the spotlight on journalistic practices across the board. Love and Garbage, takes on the Observer on the subject of blagging. Shuggy smells out some hypocrisy on issues of privacy and liberty. The Burd looks at the implications for the inter-relationships between Scotland’s power players. Paul Kavanagh over at Newsnet Scotland analyses the key players’ words and deeds on the first Sunday without the News of the World. In a Bun Dance, though, reminds us how important good journalism is to our culture.

In other news, Lallands Peat Worrier is concerned that Alex Salmond’s defence of Scotland’s legal institutions may harm them while Joan McAlpine takes on the idea that Scotland couldn’t have survived the collapse of the banks as an independent state. A Scottish Liberal, however, won’t be taking up Alex Salmond’s invitation to join the SNP.

SNP MSP Mark McDonald, writing on Better Nation, takes on those who complain about people being too young to be in politics.

Working parents have been in the news this week. I wrote about how Nick Clegg had been slated by the Daily Telegraph for the sin of taking his kids to school. In a Bun Dance asks if baby talk in the office is appropriate, which may interest Is there a Plan B? as she returns to work after the birth of her baby. She discusses her slightly mixed feelings on the occasion.

Greener Leith looks at the debate on regeneration in the area.

A Diary of Injustice in Scotland complains that people who actually use the courts and solicitors are being shut out of the Scottish Government’s review on civil justice.

The Snooker Blog carries news of Scotland’s exit from the World Cup – but we did get to the quarter finals.

If you haven’t decided where to go for your holidays this year, The Shoogly Peg says Japan needs you. World famous cyclist Lance Armstrong has come to Scotland though and is posting photographs of his Highland adventures.

If you’re fed up with repeats on the telly, Islay Blog suggests you watch this video of a model aeroplane flight between Ireland and Islay.

And, finally, FitbaThatba has had a You Tube video go viral with not that far off quarter of a million views.

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