Holiday Reading

As this is my first time editing the round-up I feel I should introduce myself. My name is Kateri (pronounced Cat- Terry) and I blog at Bear Bahoochie. In case you want to know more about my name Kids, Craft and Chaos has handily recently posted a bit about the name ‘Kateri’ so have a look there.

This week I’m thinking about holidays. Mostly because I’ve been on my holiday – hanging in Orkney with the in-laws. The big news up here was the Tall Ships visit last weekend, Life on a Small Island did a nice series of posts about them. Orkney is more famous for the archaeology and I’ve been following along with the dig at the Ness of Brodgar

Despite it being a holiday I couldn’t resist a bit of librarian fun and caught up with the librarian at Stromness Academy and compared our school library blogs (catch the JYHS Library blog, and compare for yourself). Speaking of libraries in Orkney I love reading the Orkney Library and Archives blog even when I’m not in the area. In fact their Facebook feed is one of the few I follow.

However, boats, libraries and archaeology isn’t all that Orkney has to offer. For those unfamiliar with these lovely isles someone has helpfully created this promotional video for Flota, that you can watch to find out all the highlights (this spoof reminds me rather a lot of Absolutely).

I’m not the only one enjoying a holiday this week my pet rats are also enjoying their vacation but perhaps more interesting to most is MSP Drew Smith is using his break to share his thoughts on the future both for his Scottish Labour party and the SNP.

He’s one of the lucky ones though, those poor MPs had to delay their holidays for this week’s emergency Culture, Media, and Sports Select Committee meeting as a result of the hydra-like phone hacking scandal. Edinburgh councillor Paul Edie came back from holiday to discover the mess and shares his thoughts on the committee, Nikki’s Blog calls upon those in charge to fix Britain using a handy cake analogy but my favourite post related to this was Bella Caledonia who compares the whole thing to the Star Trek: The Next Generation Holodeck.

Alas for one poor group of people the holidays are a distant memory – yes it’s the start of the new Football season and Better Nation contemplates issues facing them as well as the brevity of the off season.

Finally I have a selection of stories from the blogosphere that I’ll file neatly under holiday reading. We’ll kick off the selection with two more gritty of the articles – Lallands Peat Worrier discusses Lapdancing in Court (or more accurately how the recent Session Court ruling will affect lap dancing and similar clubs in Glasgow) and Wilf Wilson shares his love of RAF Leuchars and his concern over it’s future. Next comes the two magazine stories thanks to Rubarb Crumble who shares a day in her life which includes rollerblading and nomming Turkish Delight while Working Hypothesis faces down the agony of tooth removal. To finish off the happy bit at the end comes from Fife Diet which shares the trailer for a interesting sounding movie that shares 24hours in every country in the world.

And that’s it all over for another week. I think I may need another holiday…

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