This, That and the Other Thing

It’s Clair here again, it feels like being back in school with my work always having to follow Kateri’s, oh well best get on with it. As we hurtle towards the end of July and pass the half way mark of the school holidays Scottish blogging has continued apace with a wonderful range of blog posts concerning just about everything.

A round up of this week without referring to the event’s in Norway would be completely remiss. As a community, bloggers are more politically active than most and the target of the attacks really hit home to many. I hope you’ll forgive the indulgence of a not-strictly-Scottish blog post from Stephen Glenn who puts into words some of what we are all thinking. The Barefoot Crofter says in a picture some of what we can’t put into words with a pause for thought. Bella Caledonia looks at the idea that this attack “came out of nowhere” and the increase in the amount of right leaning governments, policies and ideologies across Europe.

Talking of Europe, Better Nation discusses the economic crisis in the US and how this could have been Europe’s big moment and Parkinson’s Law which also explains why I can never finish anything before the deadline. Andrew McPake also reflects on his friends who have become the boomerang generation- whether this is down to the economy or the Scottish government’s policy on teacher training. Michael Traill hosts a guest post from Hannah Lister who uses the Freedom of Information Act the way it was meant and urges us all to do the same.

Since it’s the summer holidays its not surprising that many a member of the blogosphere has headed off to sunnier climes which has resulted in a few pertinent reflections on the experience. Ellen from In a Bun Dance headed off to Austria with children in tow. Expecting to find the full force of the Eurocrat rule-making fun-stopping only to find that life on the continent is about taking responsibility and having fun. The Burd saw the impact of  Brits abroad having too much fun in the Canaries and suggests that perhaps we need to learn moderation. Not everyone heading off to the sun is doing so because it’s a holiday- the Wandering Medic discusses the differences between our A&E and those in the third world and Happy Science wonders if the life of an academic scientist will always be nomadic.

It’s not just exotic places Scotland’s Bloggers seek out though, the Shoogly Peg took a tour around the Supreme Courts and reflected on the welcoming nature of the guards throughout the building, only to realise that the Courts might be open to walk around but are they really open for women to be in the driving seat? It’s been a week of reflections on the role of women with Caron talking about the impact of MP Jo Swinson’s victory over advertisements for make-up full of air brushed images being banned by the ASA following on from this issue is Transatlantic Blonde discussing the body hair imbalance between men and women, just don’t ask her about the vajazzle.

If all that thinking is a bit much after all this unseasonable sunshine we’ve been experiencing perhaps what you need is a few recommendations for the last of the summer holidays. Dorky Mum picks out some of the best spoken word events at the Festival and Caron is excited about the re-opening of the National Museum in Edinburgh- along with 21,999 other people on the first day. If you are looking for outdoor adventure Invergarry Lodge shows some beautiful Scottish mountains in need of a climb and Cartside has launched a new blog venture for entertaining kids and helping them connect with nature- perfect for the long summer days. It’s not all plain sailing though as Nikkiwarns us as she uninvites a five year old from a party and Ellen deals with toddler poo in the local pool.

It seems wrong to end on toddler poo but since many of my days end that way I think I’ll leave you to the Sunday papers and your coffee.

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