Would you save a life or just walk on past?

The headline story for this week’s Scottish Roundup comes from a blog I hadn’t seen before. However, Gordon Darroch‘s story of spotting a man outside the railings on a bridge is a lovely haunting read – I commend it to you.

Tongue twisters

Normally anything containing the phrase “self-organised unconference” would earn snorts of derision and swift relegation to the bin. However, I will forgive ScotGovCamp because what they do is probably quite important and I hope they coined it with a irony.

And Transatlantic Blonde explores the dropping of the c-bomb.  I was interested in the comments that talk about the word being a particularly popular one in Scotland.

In a similar (ish) neck of the woods, new girl The lass o’ Pairts talks about what happens when you use the f-word (no not that one this one ‘feminist’).

I predict a lot of hot air

For a few days riots were the only topic of conversation. Now the mess is largely cleared up and all that remains is the blame game and figuring out how to prevent it from happening again. On Burdz Eye View Jennie Kermode discusses whether they were English or British riots and why they didn’t happen here.

At Avizandum Times the sentences handed out to rioters are discussed.

Back to ‘get a flipping move on our you’ll miss the bus’ time

Parents up and down Scotland breathed a sigh of relief as their little darlings headed back into school again. Billy The Kid was troubled though about the items on his school shopping list. And I found the step to high school a bit of a big one.

Meeja, new meeja and local meeja

Caron Lindsay looks at Sally Bercow’s residence in the Celebrity Big Brother house thereby hitting the happy double of linking low-rent telly shows with politics.

Iain Hepburn on False Doorway discusses the issues around local TV services for Scotland.

New to the party A Man’s A Man, looks at the power of the epetition.

In some circles excitement about Social Media Week Glasgow (19 – 23 September) is building. Mark Calpin mentions his delight at being asked to sit on the advisory board. SMWGlasgow will have something for everyone whatever your level of social media experience. One of the most relevant for Roundup fans might be Blog Off run by our own Transatlantic Blonde.

Food – for the soul and the belly

At Jemma Eat World, among various tasty treats, is a Scottish take on the black and blue burger.

And Julie Scrumptious takes the rough with the smoothie.

Misssy M vlogs from Belladrum.

Random Thoughts of A Random Mind on the delights of a recent walk.

And finally

For those of us enjoying a moment out from the hamster wheel of our existences, here’s a little something. Landscapes 365 is the story of a couple who gave up the nine-to-five for a rural idyl.