September 2011

How you can help Roundup

Do you ever read Roundup and think that you would love to have a go at giving your impression of the best of the week’s Scottish blogging? Do you ever wonder why we never ever include a certain blog? That’s because in all likelihood nobody has ever told us about it. Our small and perfectly […]

Klingons, Scones and the Musical Forest

This week’s Scottish Roundup is brought to you by the letter E and the number 6… It was compiled by Hercules Moments’ Eoin Smith (@eoinsmith), a journalist, student and magician from Aberdeen. Let’s kick things off with  an uncharacteristically political – but comfortably surreal – moment, as The View from the Hills compares Scottish political […]

Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness

So said the American Declaration of Independence, enshrining the inalienable rights of human beings. Such things tend to be subsumed by the busyness of modern life. Susan Mann looks at how to find blog/life balance. . Kelvin ponders a report which say that clergy have the highest job satisfaction levels. Yeah, ok, bye recounts an […]

Scottish blogs – talking of mind, body and other stuff

Body Let’s get the show on the road with matters corporal. MUST READ Newby blogger, ahem, Pocahontas McGlinchey, hits the road at Dear Mean Place by taking part in the Great Scottish Run and finding very little to be cynical about . If only she’d known, but another blogger was plodding the route – Lady […]

The End of Summer

The annual countdown to Winter has been well under way for a few weeks now. First the schools went back – and Kirknewton. Then the X Factor returned to haunt our Saturday nights, with Strictly Come Dancing launching next week. The leaves will be off the trees before we know it. Already, there’s not much […]