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Let’s get the show on the road with matters corporal.

MUST READ Newby blogger, ahem, Pocahontas McGlinchey, hits the road at Dear Mean Place by taking part in the Great Scottish Run and finding very little to be cynical about .

If only she’d known, but another blogger was plodding the route – Lady In Training made it to the end too. She was doing it for charity.

Transatlantic Blonde
has been getting moving – this time for Water Aid – from Troon to Irvine.

And at a slightly slower pace, Nature Kids Glasgow is rounding up ideas for wholesome, fresh air things to do. She suggests a stroll at Cathkin Braes.


On matter gray.

MUST READ Mental Political Patient, discusses whether or not she should take lithium to control her mental illness.

Happy Science claims that grumpy men are sexier, or something. Actually it’s the start of discussion on science, the media and spin.

ZenEmu discusses Asperger’s Syndrome and creativity from his position on the front line of the condition.  And I touched on Asperger’s and a view of 9/11.

Another new girl has kicked off a blog that aims to help victims of post natal depression.

Topical stuff

It’s the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attack and The 21st Floor looks at fundamentalism, religion and IQ.

Scotch Potch on which political parties don’t earn trust.

Nick Johnston bids farewell to the old Scottish Tories

Under the Bunnet is back to the West Lothian question in The Last PM from Scotland.

Social Media Week Glasgow starts on September 19 with a dazzling range of events. For some the question is To Blog or Not To Blog?  (declaration: I’m speaking at it!)

Down time

Pick up those knitting needles and you too could create a quilt like this one on Baffie’s blog.

And the opposite to knitting is the Thumb Cast – sweary and occasionally funny rantings on telly, films and that.

If writing’s your hobby, you might be interested in Caron Lindsay’s radical solution to blogger’s blog – Write or Die

Freedom 2 choose suggests that if smoking in your down time is your bag, then that’s up to you.

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