Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness

So said the American Declaration of Independence, enshrining the inalienable rights of human beings. Such things tend to be subsumed by the busyness of modern life. Susan Mann looks at how to find blog/life balance. . Kelvin ponders a report which say that clergy have the highest job satisfaction levels.

Yeah, ok, bye recounts an intense, stressful but ultimately rewarding 3 month renovation of an old Borders tower.

Scottish Mum Blog tells her story of the pursuit of a happy family, over two posts

Paul Kavanagh at Newsnet Scotland reckons there’s not much happiness for Ed Miliband or Scottish Labour ahead.

Craig Murray argues that Scottish independence would offer a chance for a genuine realignment of politics in England.

Rookie Oven recounts a worthwhile day spent at a business start up event in Edinburgh.

Contently Managed looks at the row between Liverpool City Council and the press and suggests that genuine engagement is actually what’s needed.

Kirknewton has been enjoying the success of a food waste trial.

Absolvitor takes a look at the rules on conflict of interest as it relates to the case involving Rangers FC.

Nicola Prigg talks of the need to ensure children’s happiness by teaching them about how to respect people in their online lives.

And, finally, The 21st Floor pours cold water on the idea that Nessie has been spotted. However, if it’s animals you want to see, head to Edinburgh where crocodiles, orangutans, elephants and hornbills are taking over the city. I spent a very happy afternoon with my family tracking them down.

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