October 2011

Bye bye summer time, hello winter

Although the clocks went back last night (hopefully everyone remembered) time ticks on and this week The Absurdist turned 44. Speaking of getting older losing your keys, like what happened to Is There A Plan B, is surely a sign of old age? With us no longer on Summer Time Abriachan Garden Nursery writes about the […]

Brrrrr: beavers, birds and a bundle of letters

There’s a nip in the air and a dusting of snow on the hills, so this week’s roundup starts on a seasonal note. A Wee Bit of Cooking rustles up some hearty fare to warm the cockles. Crystal Jigsaw enjoys the autumnal colours on Deeside (and gets a wave from Prince Charles). One Man Blogs, […]

Rules, Reporting and Right-wingers

We start this week’s Roundup with some thoughts on the rules we live by, who gets to set them, and why they exist. In a Bun Dance wonders why the kids in her street have to play football in the road, not on the nice patch of grass nearby, simply because somebody has stuck up […]

Scottish Roundup: in which the women do most of the talking

Every week, what gets rounded up depends on who has said what and who is doing the rounding up. This week’s offering is a harmonious medley of female voices. If you’re feeling peckish or nostalgic, or both, Stephanie at Is It Just Me takes us back to her granny’s kitchen. Then Fiona MacInnes writing at […]