A robust roundup, full of innovation, flowers, zombies, ladies and nocturnal adventure

Welcome to this week’s Roundup. First of all a plea – if you haven’t read my post asking for new volunteers for the Scottish Roundup team, please do so. We would love to welcome you to our growing family – and the more people we have, the amount of work required of any one person is lessened and we are able to cover a wider range of interests than we currently do.

Now we move on to the eclectic mix of excellent posts from the Scottish blogosphere this week. If a favourite post of yours hasn’t appeared, and you haven’t nominated it, make sure you do next week. Our small team can’t possibly see everything and we need you to help make the site as wide ranging as possible. Send us your nominations via the form on the right, by tweeting @scottishroundup or e-mailing scottishroundup@gmail.com.

I use the word robust a lot. This will probably annoy Mike Ritchie, who wonders if words as well as frocks are subject to fashion.

Talking of communication, Doug Daniel, writing at Better Nation, says he wants unionists to provide some positive arguments for the union.

John Curtice has been suggesting to an Australian website that their PM follow Alex Salmond’s example.

Tory Hoose has been brimming with information on the candidates standing for Scottish leader.

Duncan Hothersall, writing at Labour Hame, lays down some rules of engagement for the forthcoming equal marriage debate.

Last Year’s Girl will not sit down and she will not shut up in the face of threats and aggressive late night drunken language.

Lallands Peat Worrier is very worried – about the consequences for freedom of speech if the SNP Government’s anti-sectarian legislation goes ahead.

Love and Garbage reports on the scandal that Snow White could not name all of the dwarves…

In a completely unrelated post, A Scottish Liberal looks at the internal conflicts of Ed Milliband.

Avizandum Times has a comprehensive article which informs of us our rights to information, written for Right to Know Day.

Onto environmental matters now – and if you never thought a van could be powered by wind, Scottish Renewables Blog sets you straight.

Rookie Oven invites all with an interest in techie business to a meeting tomorrow – and there’s free pizza!

Wulf Kurtoglu asks why adults are reading kids’ fiction.

Tony Boaks promotes his new play, Borderline Brilliant, with an insight into its recording.

Everyone I ever kissed has decided not to tell for the foreseeable future, but will continue to write at Abyssinia, Henry.

In a Bun Dance explores the art of being ladylike.

Evee has some beautiful photographs of wild flowers taken on a visit to Doune.

Roundup congratulates Is there a plan B? for winning the Best Pregnancy Blog of 2011 award at the Mum And Dad blog awards.

Misssy M’s children’s Granda is a zombie, don’t you know?

Sticking with film, Paul Edie has a unique insight on Friday’s Hollywood film shoot at the City Chambers in Edinburgh.

And, finally, Westcoastings’ Eve spent the night alone on a remote beach. From wine to otters to laughter, this is her story.

Keep those nominations coming in – I hope that you enjoy reading this as much as I have enjoyed compiling it.

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